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Entrada al PN El Leoncito by gaguilar1955.

Already in the previous post we talked about tours of San Juan, especially on his rural route, today we talk about the attractions you find in the Province of San Juan, which are as follows:

Astronomical Complex Leoncito:

Overnight in this area is a proposal not only for adults miss lovers of astronomy and curious children, of course, but also for those seeking something different.

In the south of the province, is the Observatory, which is in the National Park Leoncito. The proposal included night starts at 17 hours, when tourists arrive, they begin to stay and make the trip day, to know the main telescope, is recommended to go with helmets and coats (essential).

At about 22 hours begins the most shocking part: the display night after a brief walk, using a telescope of 14 inches in diameter. They are stars, galaxies and nebulae. During the full moon, the visibility is much lower, but the place looks just as attractive. The complex is open to the public through an agreement with the University of San Juan.

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The hosting option is for a single night, in small rooms and hyper-clean. Everything looks like a space base. After breakfast you have to leave the place and take the opportunity to know the Pampa del Leoncito, a dry plain strange 5 15 km wide, with ground broken and any kind of shrub. There you can wind sports, it winds up to 80 kilometers per hour, vehicle led by Don Toro.

In the astronomical complex can also take daytime visits to learn about telescopes, but the main activity of the place is just at night. Its function is to provide services to the global scientific community, because astronomers can make this observation programs.

Ischigualasto Provincial Park:

The provincial park is traversed Ischigualasto own vehicle, in caravans that depart every hour. It has five stations where a guide explains the scientific characteristics of the site, while visitors enjoy the varied landscapes.

There are ways geo funguses everywhere. The place is unique in the world and here is the complete sequence of the Triassic period of the Mesozoic era. In each small rock can be a very important fossil remains, so this designation of Natural Heritage of Humanity, the rules are stricter. Before, they say, they took elements like rounded stones called bocce court, one of the most popular stations, mostly out of curiosity that the rocks have only been found only in this sector.

Painted Valley is one of the areas where most fossils have been found. Their shapes and colors are most striking. Red indicates the presence of iron oxide, copper green, and gray volcanic ash accumulation. White is the bentonite, in addition to sealing the area gives a special glow in the night walks, which are held for five days straight, from two nights before the full moon.

These full moon rides must book in advance and last about two hours, a pathway different from the common walks. In addition to these circuits is a day of medium difficulty walk over the hills purple. It rises to 1,800 meters, where Andean condors are often choosing the cliffs for their nests. Until The fungus comes near the end of the trail. This highlights the contrast of red canyons, up to 200 meters, and the gray of the rock formation.

Your long runs will be rewarded!

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