Are you coming for the first time in Acapulco?

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Are you coming for the first time in Acapulco

Acapulco is one of the most beautiful spa towns around the world because it offers tourists who visit Mexico, an interesting combination of a very pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, a wild nightlife, the chance to practice a lot sports, and much more, all in one place.

Another attractive feature of Acapulco are the plays and other attractions, for which large sums are spent year after year, in order to have the best shows, so that all visitors to find the greatest satisfaction during his trips to Acapulco.

As with any destination of excellence, Acapulco has a large number of factors that, taken together, make the final experience of the trip, so knowing a little of them and abide by some councils, the chances that the journey more exciting increases considerably.

Photography by Peter Shanks

To get to Acapulco:

Acapulco is a city that has an impressive infrastructure, so getting to it is quite simple. There are a number of means of transport that will take us to the place.

Acapulco has an international airport, so you can fly from almost anywhere in the world, but you can also reach it by bus, car or boat.

Transported in Acapulco:

In Acapulco you will find a lot of transportation. The most convenient are pubic transport, taxis and buses. While buses are the cheapest means of transport in the city, it is very easy to get lost with them. It is recommended to travel by taxi, although it should be noted that they do not have meters. The advice on this issue is to negotiate the journey with the driver before you do.


For people who do not speak Spanish, there is no problem in Acapulco, since most people who work and live in the same speak English, but if you want to visit some interesting places that are outside the city, it would be even learning some Spanish words.


All the beaches in Acapulco are really wonderful, as these are usually found well-preserved, although a good option is to head to the beaches further from the center of the city, since they are not only beautiful, they are normally low concurrency. Due to the mentioned, the remote beaches become ideal for a day very quiet and relaxing.


The weather in Acapulco for the tropical and is characterized by fairly high temperatures throughout the year, plus the percentage of moisture in the air is usually very high. It is advisable to wear light clothing in the luggage, such as shorts and shirts in fine cloth, and, of course, never forget your bathing suit.


Accommodation in Acapulco is very complete, and that it has a wide variety of hotels, hostels, inns., So the possibilities are in accordance with each person’s pocket.

The best option which can be accessed in Acapulco, if you will have the chance, are the spa hotels, such as the Hotel Las Brisas Acapulco, or the Hotel Camino Real Acapulco Diamante, since they offer many possibilities interesting in terms of fun and entertainment.


In relation to the food, Acapulco is a city that has much to offer, because in the same small stalls can find anything from fast food through food stalls made to carry up to luxury restaurants.

Photography by Peter Shanks

Fun night:

The fun stuff at night, Acapulco is one of the best destinations in the world, as the town is full of bars and nightclubs. In the nightlife of Acapulco is described as very wild.

One tip is that when attending a nightclub or bar very busy, is made quite early, that way people can avoid long and unpleasant rows that are assembled at the door.

Bon voyage!

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