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The mountains,
the plains and plateau of central Spain are ideal for sightseeing, or simply climbing practice cross them. Especially recommended for those who like to track is the Pyrenees, in the north: a stunning landscape of rocky walls, lakes and cliffs. Picos de Europa to the west of Santander is also a wild and dramatic landscape, with some peaks over 2,600 meters, which is why there are good options there to mountain climbers. The long tradition of riding Spanish easy ride to get places.

Swimming, water skiing and windsurfing can be practiced on any beach. The best place to practice windsurfing Tariff is in Gibraltar, with world championships. Navigation is also very popular, almost one hundred clubs, navigation, most of them near the Mediterranean. The rivers of Pyrennes and Picos de Europa are good places for fishing, while trout is abundant in the entire country.

Golf is becoming increasingly popular. Currently Spain has nearly 200 clubs in the field, including some created according to the styles of players like Robert Trent Jones, Severiano Ballesteros, Jose Maria Gato Niklaus and Olazabel. The warm climate of Spain provides a long season of golf. Spain offers good winter sports centers, equipped with the best technology. Among the main centers are in the Pyrenees, Cantabria and the Catalonia.

When it comes to sports to watch, are the most typical basketball or jai-alai. The most important cities in northern Spain have fields with seasons that occur between October and June. Soccer is another popular sport, is actually one of the most popular sports in Spain, with Real Madrid and Barcelona is the teams most famous and admired.

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