Amazing places in Istanbul

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Amazing places in Istanbul

Surrounded by seven hills, hence its nickname «the new Rome» and inhabited by 13 million people, Istanbul is a living relic of the Christian-Muslim heritage, to the very gates of Europe and Asia.


Photography by jefield

Istanbul seduces all who visit, not quite sure if this enchantment is to be attributed to their profile of hundreds of minarets, the aroma of spices or cultural crossroads appointments are at street level, the fact is that the capital Turkey is not indifferent to its visitors.

The visit to Istanbul can be as long a visitor wants, in every corner offers an interesting excuse to stop us. So if you do not have much time, this is a selection of highlights, so you can not lose, from here … there is only add personal experience and many other interesting places that make each trip is different.

Essential to meet in Istanbul:

The church of Santa Sofia, is undoubtedly the symbol of Istanbul. Recognizable for its large dome, the church converted into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire, has been remodeled many times, combining its Christian origin to the tradition of Islamic religious buildings. It is a mixture of styles almost opposites but so much in common, which gives it that special air of Hagia Sophia, as architectural representation of the melting pot that has shaped modern Turkey.

Amazing places in Istanbul

Photography by davidbenito

Bosphorus Bridge, from the port you can see both sides, Western and Eastern. It is a strategic and often contested throughout history, and that Turkey owes much of its power as an empire for centuries.

The harbor district, this neighborhood is one of the liveliest for its many cafes. It is the perfect place to stop and plan the rest of our visits.

Suleymaniye Mosque, this mosque is part of a much larger religious complex that includes a hospital, a bathhouse, a Koranic school, six theological schools, shops and the mausoleum to the Sultan Soliman and his wife.

The perfect visits in Istanbul

Photography by jefield

The mosque is known for its four minarets, which symbolize the three Ottoman sultans in Istanbul before Suleiman, and himself, as number four in the dynasty. The symbolism runs through the temple, and the constructions of its ten balconies is not arbitrary, but remind us that Soliman was the tenth in the Ottoman dynasty.

The interior is simple but carefully, respecting the principles of Islam. Barred from representing human figures, the mosque is decorated with beautiful Islamic calligraphy in relief. The brightness of its interior is also an architectural wonder that its builders achieved by placing several small windows (138 in total) that capture sunlight and disappear into the interior.

Ceramics in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul: Grand Bazaar. It is one of the largest in the world and a must for all visitors who flock for the first time in the city. It has a total of 58 streets and more than 4,000 domestic stores. In the bazaar you can buy up to the unimaginable, from the usual such as spices, typical pastries, textiles, souvenirs several, to gold by weight. That itself is essential bargain lot! The initial price may be up to twice the price at which you can get negotiating.

the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Photography by j.o.h.n. walker

The Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarnici), is located west of Santa Sofia. This huge underground cistern was built during the Byzantine Empire when the city is still known as Constantinople. It was built at the request of the emperor Justin, to store large amounts of water to the dry seasons. Inside there are a total of 336 columns of 8 meters, of which two dimensions are spectacular because of the two heads of Medusa that support at its base. The whole seems dedicated to water and water deities.

Topkapi Palace, is a vast building complex built on the Sea of Marmara. The choice of location was prompted by the excellent natural defense. The resort stretches across 70 hectares. At one time it was almost a small city built within larger.

Princes’ Islands are in the Marmara Sea, these islands are very close to Istanbul and tranquility with lush Mediterranean vegetation became the place of asylum chosen by royalty and aristocracy disgrace. Today, however, is where many rich families have established their domicile. Two features of these islands are the impressive mansions have been built and the ban on driving motor vehicles. A haven of peace and fresh air!

Probably throw in lack many wonderful corners of the Ottoman capital what would you add to this list?

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