10 tips for home exchange for your holiday trip

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They may not know that the exchange is an increasingly popular formula to tackling a holiday trip.

I have not personally done any home exchange, but a friend to come by regularly, not just for summer vacation trips, but for weekends and other festive times of the year.

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As a summary of their experiences, then I’ll give you 10 tips to ask yourself when home exchange for your vacation travel.

1.-way to travel:

The exchange is a different formula to travel, because you can «live» the real mood of the city and the country you visit. You tend to know and interact with family or neighbors of the people you exchange your home. And live as if it were your home.

2 .- Distrust?

The main reluctance is exchanged houses is the distrust of strangers residing for a time in your home. But as I say those who use this formula regularly, there is a general tendency to look carefully the house where you live, knowing that so will your home.

Moreover, contrary to what you might think, who use this system tend to be professionals and people with medium-high cultural level.

3.-Suitable for families with children:

The formula of exchange is especially suitable for families with young children, so that by sharing the house with a family in similar circumstances, you have the appropriate equipment in order to live comfortably with children.

4 .- Cost Savings:

No doubt a great advantage of exchange is the cost savings you get to save to pay hotels and, if desired, to power cooking and eating at home. And these savings are greater if a family is about.

5 .- Which company to choose:

To carry out home exchange on the internet are many companies that offer this service. Regardless of the price differences, the important thing is to choose the company that offers a very wide range of homes on the maximum number of cities and countries.

Note that you have to discharge on an annual basis (although there are offers for periods of less) and it is important to have a wide variety of choices, as the annual fee is not cheap, but it is also the only cost.

10 tips for home exchange for your holiday trip

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6 .- How to register on the web for home exchanges:

By signing up on the platform of exchange, you publish the most relevant information for your home. Also, you must specify suitable dates for the exchange and the countries with which you would like to exchange.

You also indicate whether you admit children at home as well as pets and smokers. And if you’re willing to share the use of car (this is usually not so common …)

7 .- How to choose the house to share:

It is time to select where you would like to stay home. Regardless of the exchange offers that you receive on your part you have to send multiple requests, view of the different contacts and responses, and selecting the people you and the house that you think is more appropriate.

To finish specifying and closing the deal, it may be good to make a phone call or a video call with Skype.

In general, you should agree to exchange well in advance. And if it is for summer vacation, and want to go to Germany … in May and do not try, they are very proactive.

8 .- How to leave your house ready for visitors:

Ideally, when visitors come to your house (surely you’ll be coming to yours …), to be greeted by a neighbor, family member or friend to show you the house and explain the operation of basic equipment (kitchen, television … ).

If you can not be the case, you should stop writing (in English, if they are foreigners) the basic instructions for operation of the equipment.

In the experience of my friends, do not be surprised if you find a house to get a welcome gift (flowers, a small gift …) or even a meal already prepared.

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9 .- Do you find your home in good condition?

Typically, when you get home, just notice that someone has been living in it. In the experiences I have, there is often nothing impaired, but are never totally safe from any incident.

10 .- Exchanges for the holidays:

The exchange houses are open to many variations, as do for a weekend, or leave your house in a given period in which you’re traveling in another city, and afterwards go to the house of the people you’ve exchanged.

There is also a hospitality exchange formula: first get to the people you exchange, who reside in your home for a few days with you, then you go home (or vice versa …)

Making friends: This formula favors you can meet people with whom you exchange the house, and even make friends. There are people exchanging their homes in two different cities in Spain and stay for a coffee half way through their road trips.

Good luck!

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