Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls, the jump from los angeles

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Victoria Falls, who has not heard of it before, which is what comes to mind to one who hears him say, because the first thing that comes to mind is National Geographics, documentaries, nature and relate to tourism. Well no doubt this, since it actually is and what we are talking about now in this blog.

The waterfalls are so monumental and impressive as podíais or not you think. Some say they hear the roar for days after they visited. Are you listening to now? …

So he saw Livingstone …

The mist off the falls that are visible from a distance of 64 kilometers. Dr. David Livingstone, who in the year 1855 became the first European to rest your eyes on them, and named in honor of his queen, who, unfortunately, never came to see. Were quickly recognized as one of the natural wonders of the world. A fantastic destination for any adventurous traveler.

Waterfalls measured half mile wide and cover the breadth of the Zambezi River. When falling from a height of 120 meters up the cliff creating a delicate shower endless, adorned with rainbow. Impressive is the view that a real postcard look and feel because if you’re near there is completely soaked. The wonder of the landscape means that with the dawn and dusk, sky, water and fog acquire pink and orange hues, especially in the wet season from March to May, when the waterfalls are at their best and the mist rises 300 meters into the sky.

It’s easy to imagine the astonishment of Dr. Livingstone when he wrote: “Given this view as beautiful as the angels in their flight must have been looked at.” So today called flight of the angels of fifteen minutes on the falls is one of the most scenic flights in the world.

At the foot of the cascades of white water rapids provide one of the best places for rafting in the world. This is where the Zambezi falls through the narrow basalt canyons separating Zambia from Zimbabwe, an impressive hall water interspersed with stretches of calm. Classic stretches of the Zambezi, with names like Ghost Rider or the Cascades Moemba are extremely fast. However they are also considered among the safest, thanks largely to the depth of the water and the absence of rocks in the middle of the stream.

Samn at the top of Victoria Falls por goalkeeper.

Impressive, huh? … What we need words in a place like this if, apart from that they will not be heard by the roar of the water, speaking in an eternal rhetoric is itself cataract …

How to get there?

The best way to reach Victoria Falls is taking a flight to Johannesburg. From Spain, Madrid has direct flights. And from there a direct flight to Victoria Falls Airport. From the airport you can rent a car to the falls and take a bus.

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