Winter in France Route

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Today we will have a winter route for France. We begin our tour in Ecrins National Park which is a Frenchman who has an area of more than 91 000 hectares and was declared a nature reserve in 1973. Here we can practice trekking and mountain climbing as you will find hundreds of peaks that sit at over 3000 meters above sea level. Just one of the most important natural monuments in the area is the Glacier Blanc, one of the best places for rock climbing in Europe.

Winter in France Route

Photography by *cerise*

Then go towards La Vanoise, another national park that sits on the French Alps, specifically in the area of Savoy, near Chamonix. Here we find a number of resorts like Pralognan La Vanoise is perhaps the best known of all.

It is our turn to move towards Vercors, a district located southwest of the country, in the department of Isere. Here you’ll find a perfect namesake national park to practice ecotourism, and where we can see lush vegetation and alpine herbs and nature.

vue sur la tour Jaquemart

Photography by jean-louis zimmermann

Another notable park is La Chartreuse, where we found a number of wineries where wine tourism practice.

Now let’s get to know Grenoble is a city that sits less than an hour away from Lyon. It is worth mentioning that this town located on the banks of the River Isere is one of the most visited cities in the French Alps.

Finally we end our tour in Les Bauges, a perfect area to practice as rural tourism has several villas comfortable to spend a nice weekend.

Parc du musée de la grande Chartreuse

Photography by Guillaume Cattiaux

French Riviera: The Mediterranean paradise:

This time travel to a dream destination for many, which is located in France. We refer to the French Riviera, also called Costa Azul, where we find glamorous white sand beaches bathed by an overwhelming sea of blue, very seductive for the tourists and celebrities who like to spend a wonderful summer vacation.

In case you did not know, the French Riviera is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. One of its most visited cities is Cannes, the city where it takes place annually one of the most important film festivals in Europe. Also in this city will find spectacular beaches and luxury hotels and crowded streets of exclusive and very expensive shops, especially in the Rue d’Antibes, so far as the rich and famous.

French Riviera

Photography by theritters

It is our turn to move to Nice, one of the most important and beautiful cities in the country, which is home to just under half a million inhabitants.

It is worth mentioning that the French Riviera as a whole and for its beauty has been the inspiration for many outstanding artists such as Picasso, Renoir and Matisse.

Do not believe the French Riviera is just a place of beaches, we also have the chance to learn more alpine area where we can find natural spaces where adventure sports like trekking, crossing mountains, rivers and canyons. As for the climate, you need to know that the Costa Azul has a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

What do you expect to travel? Ready your bags at once …

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