What to do in Liverpool

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What to do in Liverpool – Part I

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Liverpool are “The Beatles”, the famous soccer team in England or reminds us to “Agent 007.” This destination has several points that can be discovered and be a beautiful holiday gift. Here are your destinations on the routes to Liverpool.

The routes to Liverpool

Photography by Friar’s Balsam

Attractions in Liverpool

Albert Dock Waterfront:

This is a gigantic structure of port buildings was designed in the late nineteenth century and which once was quite an architectural revolution, in the case to the suite of England’s greatest buildings. Constructed entirely of noncombustible material (iron, brick and stone), was also the first pier in the world to install hydraulic crane for transporting heavy goods. Nevertheless, these buildings from the Liverpool docks were never enjoy full activity, and its decline began a few decades after its opening. During most of the twentieth century waterfront of Liverpool was forgotten, abandoned and even semi was dangerous to navigate. Everything changed in the last quarter century, and finally the docks were restored for other uses idle since 1978.


Photography by menu4340

It was not until 2009 that it has completed its ambitious modernization plan of the whole vast port complex, and currently housed several museums, shopping areas, restaurants and even has set up a residential neighborhood. Today the Albert Dock is one of the sunniest areas of Liverpool, and surely will remain so for a long, long time. About four million visitors come each year to Albert Dock, and is already the most visited attraction in the UK outside the capital London. Attractions such as Tate Liverpool, Museum of History of the Beatles, the Merseyside Maritime Museum, International Slavery Museum, the Shiverpool Ghost Tours or visit the Yellow Submarine are the main culprits.

Museums in Liverpool

Just as in London, Liverpool has great museums, many of them free entry. Some of the highlights:

The International Museum of Slavery: In which shows all the history connected with Liverpool as the main crossing point for slave trade between Africa and North America. Very informative and dramatic in content, it can make us a little idea of the scale of the tragedy along economic, cultural, anthropological, etc. which involved the massive business of slavery following the discovery of the Americas and well into the nineteenth century. Anyway, this museum has received many criticisms for lack of objectivity in some of its exhibitions of tragedy, minimizing faults. This gives you more interested to visit the museum, and we can try to detect those points where reality has worn the mantle of patriotism and a more or less crude justification of the facts.

The Merseytime Maritime Museum: In this vast museum presents the history of the city of Liverpool, intrinsically linked to the sea. Liverpool was a factory of world-class boats for much of its history, and see a great display of marine elements of all time. There are also interesting sections on the Second World War and the Titanic, as Liverpool took part in the design and construction. Another section of the museum tells the centuries of ceaseless activity of smuggling, including smuggling of slaves, not in vain Slavery Museum commented lines up an entire floor of this museum.

The World Museum: The museum is more modest than the previous, more youthful and where there is an excellent collection of Egyptian artifacts, another exhibition of world cultures, etc.. Highly recommended to visit with children.

The Walker Art Gallery: The site displays paintings of the Renaissance and later, highlighting Rambrandt works, Monet, and later, with many works of great value.

The St George’s Hall: An impressive neoclassical building of vast size (it is said that Europe is the largest of its kind), which belongs to the city of Liverpool and always offers a number of public exhibitions.

What to do in Liverpool

Photography by Eric The Fish (2010)

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