What currency to travel to Egypt?

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Tourism is Egypt’s main industry is prosperous lives and much of the country. Throughout the length and breadth of the Nile Valley, is also a major source of income for its inhabitants.

What currency to travel to Egypt?

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The importance and care they give to the tourism sector in Egypt is evident in many aspects, from the existence of a Tourist Police who are omnipresent in the streets, roads and monuments to the duality of the economy in all places welcome tourists and where the trade is made in two currencies: Egyptian pounds and euros.

Due to the difficulty of traveling to Egypt in a free and independent, the imposition of military convoys to travel from one city to another, the bulk of tourism moves into package tours. This is the reason why tourists are concentrated in specific points, especially on visits to the temples of the Nile Valley should be said that all leads to a common denominator, and that services and commercial catering accepted preferably both currencies and the euro, since rounding their interest.

If you travel this way and take euros, no need to change to pounds, and that everything can pay with the euro, but it is advisable to bring coins and small bills.

Vacation to Egypt

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Shopping and use the Euro currency (strategy when paying)

- Markets: It is preferable to carry coins. Most items are inexpensive and carry coins is more comfortable and convenient. Otherwise carry a high note, we refer to the merchant at the time of giving us back and we do not have to complete the price goes up or add another item we sell to be able to get to the ticket. There eye to tourists!

- Payment of the invoice into the boat, usually the full board of the motor boats of the Nile does not include drinks, so that should be paid to “check out” (cash). There is no problem to pay with euros and it is an excellent opportunity to change large bills.

- Restaurants and bars: These two sites are located in tourist areas and accept both currencies, euro is always a little more expensive due to rounding, but it avoids the currency exchange.

How to get foreign exchange?

Once in Egypt, travelers will not take long to find the best method for exchanging notes of 5, 10 and 20 euros (for the 50 will have many more problems) in coins, but if you start the trip knowing it will save headaches and doubts.

Tourism is Egypt's

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Many children and adults come to the tourists to change the currency you sell souvenirs, drinks or gratuities to change in bills because the bank in Egypt do not accept coins. This incidentally is a solution, easy and practical benefits everyone.

Take your orders with the exchange rate and save yourself money on the trip!

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