Wadden Islands, Northland browsing

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Holland is a fantastic destination, not just in the city, but also in places ranging from the North Sea. Here one feels as if out of time and space. The sight of his leaden gray sea, lit only very occasionally for a brief and fleeting ray of sunshine that can be glimpsed through the dense clouds. Contrary to what might appear, the sea that bathes the West Frisian Islands (or Wadden Islands) is flat and calm, and dwell therein multitude of seals that have congregated in EcoMare natural park reserve on the island of Texel, where there is a sort of hospital for wounded seals in the North Sea.

Wadden Islands, Northland browsing

Photography by psd

Terschelling beach:

The trip from Harlingen to Terscheeling (one of the largest islands in the Wadden) is a 45 minute drive from the ferry company’s fastest Rederij Doeksen, enlivened by videos on the region where there are beaches with fine sand have nothing to envy to the Caribbean Sea in length and pure nature. Once in port, the tourist can go visit the Tourist Office (VVV marked with letters), where nearby you can rent a bicycle to visit the impressive nature of this island.

Kinnum, about 6 miles from West Terscheeling, is a tale village, those who probably have not yet reached the pages of the network. The place has a small scale dairy, which is removed every morning the milk of cows authentic (and traditional Dutch cheese factory) and a lovely coffee (only in some meter radius) that shame does not open in low season months.

Northland browsing

Photography by psd

Sunset on the beach of Terschelling:

From Kinnum keep on riding a mile further to reach the people of Formerum, right in the center of the island where we met a charming seventeenth-century mill, beautifully restored and converted into wood cafe inside, where you can sip a delicious hot chocolate in contrast to five degrees below zero outside temperature. After this brief stop, we reached our final destination: the North Sea beach, over 30 kilometers of fine white sand, whose only possible comparison is the vastness of the desert and you have to walk nearly 2 miles to feel the cool temperature the sea. This is one of the largest beaches in Europe, though to this day still remain secret for many Spanish, and they tell us that tourists visiting the island are mostly local or from the countries neighbors, France and Germany.

Wadden Islands

Photography by aromano

The North Sea and sailing story:

February is a very cold in the Netherlands and at the same time, nostalgic and charming. People here wraps up the eyebrows by the fishing port of Harlingen, a port through which passed some years ago the major ships and yachts in the world on their way to their final destinations from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Only a few seagulls daring venture to sink their wings in the frigid North Sea waters, which are now green bottle and when the sun shines turn emerald.

Legend has it that a few decades ago, back in the eighteenth century, many ships sank in these menacing waters around the island of Terscheeling due to inclement weather in the treacherous North Sea. One of them, the Lutine, a French citizen and British service, sank on the night of October 9, 1799 on its way from Yarmouth to Hamburg between the islands of Vlieland and Terscheeling.

Two hundred years after this happened, still the natives of the place are wondering about the causes of this collapse, as this legendary boat carrying an untold amount of gold and silver, whose main purpose was to try to revive the faltering economy Hamburg at that time. Numerous efforts have been made since then to locate the frame of the ship and «catch» this precious treasure without any successful result. Recovery efforts continue to this day. They have even come to write several books about the fate of Lutine (in French, «plague») and his treasure hunting. Today, the Lutune still does not appear and show the Dutch and the world its precious booty today has revived the meaning of its French name and the Dutch sailing tradition.

Bon voyage!

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