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If there is a place that I’ve always loved, for its elegance, its history, its traditions and charm, this place is Vienna. The city on the Danube, is a real pleasure for the senses, not only for its buildings and charming streets, but also for its location, embraced by the Alps.

Being one of the oldest capital in Europe has served to Vienna to offer one of the most spectacular architecture that we see. Has been key to most of the dynasties that have reigned in Europe, emblematic place of princes and emperors, famous for its music, waltz. Has seen over itself to great figures of history: the Habsburgs, Napoleon, Hitler … all with a fixed idea in mind: to conquer Vienna.

The city of Vienna, is very attractive for its music, its colors trams, restaurants with lively classical music, parks and forests surrounding the city, where bars Heuriger or serve only wine, its architectural styles, big buildings. An elegant city, colorful, mixing Gothic with Baroque, Art Nouveau with the Romanesque, the broad range of museums, including the newly established Museum of Music. And his friendly, warm, relaxed.

Vienna is a lovely place for lovers, for example. An evocative place with impeccable Imperial Palace, recalling the loves of Empress Sisi, visit their chambers, and its museum, the gardens, stroll through the history of many dynasties. Share a wonderful ride on the Ferris wheel oldest of Europe, in the beautiful gardens of the Prater, watching the warm embrace that the Danube provides to this city.

Visit Tanzschule Willy Elmeyer where in a single day, you can learn to dance the waltz best that can be heard, and demonstrated in any restaurant or pub in the city, where they always have a place for this dance. Romantic walks by the Volkspark Stadpark will, on the Danube, to sit in the benches to contemplate the bridges as Sunset over Vienna.

And when night falls, a boat trip through the Danube from Swedenplatz to the imposing image of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. A building that stands out throughout a whole, especially the Gothic Tower Steffl of 137 meters in height. Upload it and take the best photographs of the city. And from there we can become orchestra conductors for a day at the Interactive Museum of Music, or visit the house where Beethoven lived in the Ringstrasse, opposite the University, or the Karlplatz reach the house where the composer died Schubert. We can also attend a performance by the famous Lippzaner, Austrian horses performing spectacular parades of equestrian art at the National school.

Swedenplatz riverwalk por f_where.

Vienna is a lovely place as one of the best places to travel lovers, or perhaps, the best inspiration for love.

How to get there?
We can reach through its Vienna International Airport, located 16 kilometers southeast of the city. The airline SkyEurope to Vienna can fly direct from Madrid or Barcelona.

For lovers of a trip, although perhaps a little long, but yes, wonderful, it’s preferable to take the train journey from Paris. CafeyTren specifically from that part of the station Paris Gare de L’Est. This part train daily at 17.49 hours and arrives in Paris to Vienna to 08.42 the following morning.

Even another trip to Vienna would be romantic cruise on the Danube from Bratislava or Budapest. As for Vienna hotels have to choose from. As for flights Vienna is one of the best deals.

Vienna of travel
The attractions of Austria

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  1. Vienna and its tourist attractions Says:

    [...] Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the capital of Austria, which has 1,670,347 inhabitants. Located on the banks of the Danube at the foot of the Alps. How come? The easiest way to reach the Austrian capital is by plane. With the Vienna Schwechat airport, 35 minutes from downtown. This airport has connections to most European destinations. You can also get to Vienna through the railway network that connects the capital with many European cities like Paris or Venice. [...]

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