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Draw much attention from the wealth of ecosystems that are concentrated in Venezuela, considered mega-diverse country. One of the most desirable attractions, especially for the foreigner who comes from a cold climate, is its colorful Caribbean beaches. I invite you to make this journey from west to east, but not before clarifying that a true description of the Venezuelan beaches encompass several books, but try to make a selection that will encourage them to experience our Caribbean-drenched sands of first-person.

In the state of Falcon, northwestern Venezuela, populations are Tucacas Chichiriviche and Morrocoy National Park. Drunk, Pelon, Sombrero, Sal, Playuela, Peraza are the names of some of the islets or cays that make up this park, which lies near the Venezuelan desert (sand dunes of Coro).

In Morrocoy on options for a good time, such as snorkeling, diving or paragliding. The keys can be visited by boat privately or in a “small boat” fisherman shared with other passengers. It is highly recommended travel channels and pass through the Isle of Birds and the stone of the Virgin. These beaches are also fairly untouched, with regard to offering tourist services and platform, but have the advantage of providing a contact with nature without many intermediaries and their costs are not as high. In Morrocoy cannot stop eating fish in its many preparations. There are many choices of accommodation: Tent, inns and hotels in the towns of Tucacas Chichiriviche, one of them is the Morrocoy Coral.

Let us move towards the central part of Venezuela. In the State of Carabobo choose a place that surely will please most visitors, talking about Long Island, facing the beach Quizandal, which are easily accessible for public launch and the tour takes less than half an hour. When it comes to Long Island is necessary to provide good (do not forget insect repellent against mosquitoes), report that the island has no infrastructure for tourists (overnight option is doing in the tent permit must be requested prior to the authorities). On the island can only get food and drink in a few kiosks. Something very striking, because it gives a fantastic air are two sunken ships seen in their costs and that are penetrated by divers, as they have become artificial reefs.
Choroní nights are unforgettable for their parties on the boardwalk of drums until dawn or in the nightclub “The Pescaíto. The village was founded in 1616, and retains its colonial architecture. He was one of the axes of cocoa production. It is surrounded by beaches like Playa Escondida (nudist), Dry Valley, Cepe, Chuao, Puerto Maya. 10 minutes is the town of Puerto Colombia and Playa Grande. In Choroní there are many inns and home has its grace and charm, including: Posada Pittier, Tom Carel, and La Hacienda el Portete BOTAINA.

Now ascend to the north of Venezuela, surrounding sea, to run into an archipelago of islands very famous around the world called Los Roques National Park declared in 1972. To get there, go on a yacht or commercial flights from Caracas, Porlamar (Margarita) and Maracaibo. Access by air is amazing, by the shades of the sea, coral reefs cover often compared with Australians.

The largest island of Los Roques is the Gran Roque, there are the colorful lodges, airport, schools, restaurants, spas. The streets are decorated with seashells or boats contrast with the sea, the birds and the white sand. We recommend up to the lighthouse of Gran Roque. It’s a short but steep hike, but the best reward of an amazing sight. For information about lodges, the other blocks and slide shows.

If we continue our tour of Venezuelan sea we came across another acclaimed destination for tourists from around the world: Margarita Island, also called “Pearl of the Caribbean”. Only 35 minutes flight from Caracas, or two or four hours by ferry from Puerto La Cruz or Cumana, depending if you take the slow-fast (Express).

Margarita offers beaches for all tastes, including those that are excellent for surfing. This island is part of the state of Nueva Esparta islands with Car and Cubagua. Canned castles and churches in Cologne, which combine a cobblestone streetscape followed by large casinos and 5 star hotels, or boulevards with tables to take a fresh juice or outdoor on the sidewalks of Avenida 4 de Mayo.

In Cubagua Island, minutes from Margaret, you can visit the ruins of the first city in Venezuela: Nueva Cadiz (founded 1515). Despite the inhospitable terrain, was settled by adventurers of all countries in search of pearls. The city was destroyed several years later by a tsunami and hurricane.

Returning to the east coast we Venezuela Puerto la Cruz, Anzoategui State, which offers an unparalleled nightlife in clubs such as Night Club La Pirogue and incredible as the Hesperia hotel or the Mare Mares.

Venezuela is an excellent option if you want to know the Caribbean Sea at its best, surrounded by palm trees, lively music and vibrant people!

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