Varna, the hidden jewel of the Black Sea

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Varna Cathedral - Варна Катедрален por gordontour

The city of Varna is located on the shores of the Black Sea, 469 kilometers northwest of the capital Sofia. It has a population of 350,000 inhabitants, and is, after the capital and Plovdiv, the third largest city in the country. But undoubtedly the most touristic city, for its beaches and its environment. For the Bulgarians it is the jewel of the Black Sea. Still, Varna is not just a charm for the lover of the beach, but it is an old city, medieval, Renaissance and modern at once.

During the summer months is the best time to visit Varna, sunbathing at the temperature very pleasant, and enjoy the many resorts we offer in the city. Or visit the Sea Garden, on the beach of Varna, the largest park in town. Its construction dates back to 1878. Inside the park we can find the Naval Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Aquarium with a wonderful display of tropical fish in the Black Sea, the Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium, the Dolphinarium. A real fun place that you cannot miss visiting.

But not only is Varna beach, summer is not only environment. Town noted for its great architectural and historical value. The Church of the Assumption Cathedral in the city, the second largest church in the country after the St. Alexander Nevsky in Sofia, was built in 1884 by architect Guencho Kuneva in honor of the Bulgarian independence from the Ottoman Empire. It was his dazzling Byzantine style, its interior, lavishly decorated, and all its windows, by which the church was declared a National Monument in 1950.

In our historic visit to Varna is the Evksinograd, a small castle built as a summer residence of Alexander of Battenberg, later used by Tsar Boris III. The construccion started in 1866, was given by the Viennese architect Rumpelmayer. It is curious to observe the contrast of styles shows that this palace in the city since the Byzantine style predominant in Varna, the Evksinograd reminiscent of French palaces of the eighteenth century. It is also the beautiful park surrounding the palace gardens of beautiful exotic plants.

In 1972 it was discovered north of the city of Varna necropolis, for 5000 years before Christ. In it we see burials, gilded objects, pottery, ornaments of copper. Deposits found were often considered the oldest in Eastern Europe.

It is very nice also the Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary, built in 1602. It is a dark wooden church with richly decorated Orthodox symbols and icons. We also visited the Church of St. Nicholas, 1865, the church to the sailors who come to seek protection from Varna to its patron, San Nicolas, one of the most beautiful church interior as a whole that we can visit around the country.

But Varna is also known for its lake, the depths of the Black Sea coast, formed at the mouth of the river Provadiya. A long column of sand separates it from the sea, making it one of the most frequented by tourists because of the beauty of the landscape in this part of town. One of the symbols of Varna is the Clock Tower, from the seventeenth century, a tower that protrudes from the buildings of the city, located behind the theater in Varna, in a thick forest. Of 24 meters in height, in antiquity was often used by firefighters of the city as a watchtower.

varna beach por mertanbey.

And finally a visit to the traditional market square where the Cathedral babouchkas sell handmade lace, or place on the promenade Knyaz Boris, the great commercial center of Varna.

You see, there are beach tourism, urban tourism, monuments, churches, a beautiful lake … From now on you can say something else in the country of Bulgaria.

The city of Varna is one of the few Bulgarian towns with airports. However, finding such a direct flight from Spain to Varna is quite complicated, so it is best to make stops in Sofia and from there either take a flight to Varna, will arrive in 40 minutes by plane from Sofia to our city, or take a train in just 4 hours takes us to Central Station of Varna.

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