Valletta Malta

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Valletta Malta UNESCO World Heritage Site

Valletta Malta

For the more cultural inclined, the visitor who is interested in the heritage, the people and the history of Malta, would find in the island of Malta a real treasure house to be discovered.  Despite the small territory of the islands, Malta has many places of interest to offer. Everyone can optimally enjoy the natural, historical and cultural treasures of the archipelago.

Cultel had devised the solution to allow a visitor to navigate around the city feeling confident enough as if s/he was a local. The objective was therefore aimed to:

• Maximise the quality time spent by the intelligent visitor who is eager to explore the detail of the Maltese historical remains and sites.
• Ensure a collective conscience about the importance of viewing Malta’s heritage as a potential source of material wealth for the nation.

These DVDs could be viewed at the comfort of your home, in any one of the following languages Maltese, English, German, Italian and Spanish.  Each DVD provides information of more than one hour.  Every DVD includes a booklet of all the city attractions.  These DVDs however has dual scope, as with a click of a button one could download the MP3 content on any Mp3 gadget or mobile.  This would allow the user to come to the city use the Mp3 gadget and whilst listening to the information s/he would be able to roam around the city as if s/he was a local.

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  1. Joanne Says:

    Malta has a lot of other things to offer as well as culture, It also has some of the best rock climbing and diving in Europe. For further information pleasetake a look at

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