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If you’ve decided to travel to Paris and to describe its major attractions, we also have an idea of what to eat.

In the area of the bakery Paris also stands out so great, this is where classics were born and bread baguettes that are called as a variety of breads elongated. It is also worth mentioning the brioche bread or rolls that are the subject or milk with a slightly sweet flavor. This leads to say that art becomes a bakery in the French capital.

Omelette breakfast

Photography by codepo8

If you’re wondering how to perfectly accompany these breads should opt for a good Roquefort cheese or blue cheese, built on a sheep’s milk coagulated. It is worth mentioning that this cheese is typical of the mountain of Causse. Highly recommended is to accompany a fine red wine. We can also mention the brie, which is also very tasty, prepared on the basis of raw milk. A curious fact, we tell you that is referred to as The King of Cheeses Parisians.

Similarly, Paris also presents an interesting array of homemade recipes that have the same excellence in their preparation, among them can be named as the classic main Soupe a L’Oignon or onion soup, which is normally prepared with butter and cheese.

Typical Gastronomy Paris

Photography by jseattle

We can also taste the stuffed omelettes (tortillas), which can be stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, ham, etc.

Another dish that you can not test is the orange duck, a grilled dish that is cooked over low heat.

Recommended places to taste the Parisian cuisine:

Some dishes typical of Parisian gastronomy. Some of the most recommended are for example the chicken to the pan, seasoned with pepper, garlic and paprika. Highly recommended is to accompany with a good wine. It is also worth mentioning the grilled steak, a juicy dish and pore broth or potatoes. If this was accompanied with a good Burgundy wine and you’re guaranteed a very good meal in the French style.

In Paris there is also a huge demand for cafes and other similar venues in which to consume any foods, here are some of the most interesting restaurants and cafes in which to consume the great Parisian gastronomy.

Among the most affordable and home are to Le Valentin, restaurant for only € 15 you get a generous helping of traditional French food, children pay € 9.

Among those with a style much more romantic environment but does not affect your economy has to Allard, who with 25 € offers a rather extensive and succulent. To know, you go to the Rue Saint-André des Arts 41. Additionally we found you in the ranking of the gourmet restaurants of France.

Rue Mouffetard Food Market in Paris

Photography by edwin.11

Among the most tourism is the Altitude 95, located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, the menu is very interesting and the prices are around 25 €, which is very desirable because of the view.

Now you have an idea of what the best restaurants in town!

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