Trujillo Tourist Guide – The capital of Spring

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Trujillo Tourist Guide “The capital of Spring”

Northern coast of Peru, 34 m.s.n.m. (111.5 ft)

Climatic conditions of Trujillo:
346 miles (557 kilometers) from Lima.
128 miles (206 kilometers) from Lima.
182.7 miles (294 kilometers) from Cajamarca.
652.000 inhabitants

Tourism in Trujillo:
The city of Trujillo is the capital of the department of La Libertad, was founded by Spanish conquistador Diego de Almagro on December 6, 1534 (before the founding of Lima), located within walking distance of Chan Chan, capital of the Chimu nation , in a valley of great cultural hegemony and close to the sea.

Between the years 1685 and 1687, given the opulence of Trujillo, and due to raids by pirates, the city was walled for protection, and this site is now the historic center where the old highlights of primordial bars, convents and churches, squares and streets as witnesses to his old style of a severe and majestic city, colonial and republican, where luxury and pomp was common.

Trujillo was the first major city of Peru declared its independence from Spain on December 20, 1820.

Until mid-twentieth century, the wealth of this town was given to agricultural production and exports, and since then started industrialization and trade; today dominated agricultural production of sugar cane, rice, asparagus, agro-industry and production of footwear. He is currently one of the most important cities of Peru.

Very near the city are numerous and wonderful archaeological sites, a legacy of more than 12 thousand years of the Peruvian people Cupisnique cultures, Salinas Virú, Mochica and Chimu, highlighting the citadel of Chan Chan Archaeological Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO .

Trujillo is also famous for the traditional celebrations of the National Marinera, the International Spring Festival Competition, Peruvian Paso horses, exhibition and competitions for horses totora, Biennial of Contemporary Art and the International Ballet Festival, which is also called the “Cultural Capital of Peru.”

Huanchaco, a picturesque beach and bay fishermen will give you the opportunity to learn about horses totora, the same model as used in the third century Mochica.

Trujillo and Ica, are battling to have the best breeding grounds of world-renowned Peruvian horses pass.

Visiting Trujillo, Peru Historical Center:
Located in the walled area for the colony, retains some colonial houses and churches in very good condition, a beautiful square; also constructs the modern Republican era and give it a charm and noble presence.

Archaeological Complex:
Trujillo is located in the center of the valleys of Chao, Viru, Moche and Chicama, in an area that was of great influence and development in the Mochica and Chimu cultures, who have extraordinary legacy buildings, including the Citadel of Chan Chan, Huaca del Sol and Luna, Huaca del Dragon, the El Brujo archaeological site, Pakatnamú, Huaca La Esmeralda, whose visit will leave a sense of encounter with ancient civilizations.

Highlights of the Museum of Archeology, National University of Trujillo, also the Cassinelli Museum, Museum of Zoology John Ormen.

Periphery of the city:
The department of La Libertad offers near Caleta de Huanchaco Trujillo, famous for its horses and spa totora recreational beaches Chicama, one of the best in the world for surfing, and also visits Moche Otuzco, Huamachuco Cachicadán and with its thermal waters in the Andean region.

Trujillo is an excellent destination for those seeking experience in archaeological history. A city of rich colonial architecture and archaeological sites of major pre-Inca era.

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