Trip to Allepuz of Teruel

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Allepuz por PhilippeF.

Allepuz is among the Mastership and high Gúdar saws, snow covered in winter and Mediterranean high mountain meadows in summer, and all surrounded by vast forests, close to the ski Valdelinares and resort Alcala de la Selva.

Within this township are also the picturesque villages of caudate and Sollavientos.

The Municipality of the Teruel region of Mastership, is located southwest of it in mountainous terrain of Mesozoic limestones that cause a relief of high plateaus and deep valleys. The farming population center which stands as the main economic contribution. XIII century documents and talk of the town as a place inhabited. It was always land to the Crown for his membership in the community village of Teruel.

A few tricks the Arabic origin of its name meaning “shell”. Nestled in a beautiful cliffs near the river Alfambra. Protrudes a town with many stone buildings that evoke the medieval times, the Casa Grande known as the “Palace” built in the sixteenth century, presents a beautiful bill in their blocks culminating in a brick cornice. It also stresses the Town Hall building, beautiful XVII century baroque building with a beautiful carved wooden eaves.

Full Allepuz its picturesque city center with the Parish Church of the Purification, Temple of seventeenth and eighteenth century within which it is worth noting his splendid nineteenth century altarpiece. We cannot stop visiting the shrine of St. Elizabeth, Renaissance of the sixteenth century and the ruins of the Virgin of Loreto. There was a castle that protected the region, take advantage of its privileged location to 1474 m. altitude. Unfortunately today we retain only the ruins of what was once the fortification.

The town retains a roadside Peirón or call the San Antonio and nearby there is another on a hill Sollavientos port. This is an old tradition that links religion and superstition, as people knelt in these species crossroads permitting the image of one or more saints in order to get protection for themselves and their people.

The environment presents interesting town with exceptionally beautiful natural landscapes. Jagged peaks among which we move through a zigzag road are us bumping attractive routes to other towns like Pine or Villaroya of Fortanete. Villages where tradition is preserved in a region marked by the irregular terrain where farming, livestock and forestry are the drivers of wealth.
Miravete de la Sierra, a few kilometers presents the Flour Mill Museum, there are witnesses to how the machines functioned as significant and used in Aragon.

Miravete de la sierra  (Teruel) por valdurrios. 

Allepuz is almost on the border with the neighboring counties of Gúdar-Javalambre and Teruel with municipalities such as Alcalá de la Selva, or Valdelinares Gúdar, near the provincial capital, Teruel. In her endless possibilities open to us, culture, art, history, services, food, festivities and tradition ensure an unforgettable visit us.

Enters the district we passed through beautiful places that force us to stop and enjoy the environment around us. This leads to the capital, Cantavieja, a town with a charming town considered conserved Historical Site. We are inside the Cultural Park Maestrazgo, inviting us to cover a territory where attractive destinations both natural and cultural heritage, being the largest cultural park and a greater diversity of Aragon declared.

Festivities: On July 2 is made pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Elizabeth. On 22 July we celebrate the feasts in honor of St. Mary Magdalene. The October 12th marks the day of the Pilar.

The nearest Maestrazgo is a perfect area for hiking in spring (Sollavientos Valley, Canos de Gúdar Guadalope Birth, Birth Pitarque River, Pine Fortanete) or walk in summer by their peoples, declared historic-artistic (Miravete de la Sierra Villarroya of Pine). In autumn, the Mastership is a land of mushrooms, and here come de Levante and Aragon in search of mushrooms. Also near the visitor may come from the Paleontological Park Galve and Aliaga Geological Park.

The Hazelnut Allepuz: Located one kilometer of the population towards Valdelinares, next to Mill Tormagal. It is a dense natural forest of hazel trees at the foot of a ledge of rock down to the river Sollavientos. The deep moist soil and promotes growth of hazelnuts, currants, raspberries, wild strawberries, blackthorn, hawthorn, juniper, rose, honeysuckle, ivy, yew…


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