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The hardest part of traveling is to get the suitcase. Because you know where to go and what you wear for the flight, there is much doubt as we like to do to organize the trip, but getting to a suitcase with everything we need and what is really essential… that and is more complicated.

Traveling with gadget

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If you consider yourself a lover of computers and all related accessories, you can not prepare an exit without having some of your gadgets. Admit it, you look naked without them and besides, even if your partner or companions do not want to recognize, from time to time these are very useful.

Like most times these teams compete with each other sharing electronic features, the most difficult decision is often possible to decide which of the GPS, music players, Internet browsers, photo viewers, etc, you get on the road. The goal is to have all applications covered, and carry the minimum possible number of gadgets. We must also bear in mind that most of you will carry on the back all day, so the size may take precedence over other considerations.

Travel tips

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Here are some examples of electronic equipment that you can not forget your trip:

1 .- GPS Navigator: If you are renting a car this is essential as you will save to rent a browser and we’re going to go with a handle and you know you trust 100%. Is also useful as street, and for example you will save 5 people ask how high the street is the Cathedral of the day.

2 .- PDA (handheld computer): Very helpful to bring dictionaries, transport planes, list of visits to make, etc. Gadget is the road, and usually can be used to cover areas of use of other gadgets discussed here. Carrying in your hand and help you as well as a dictionary, which at least will help in times of trouble and having to decipher a Swedish dessert.

3 .- Media Player: A few times we used to travel destination, but we can help distract us on the plane, car, etc. If you do not need to carry your entire music collection, this is a good alternative. If you have video playback capabilities, is an interesting option to not depend on the film they put on the plane, or to keep the kids distracted.

4 .- Equipment for Internet access: It will be very comfortable for wifi access in hotels, restaurants, public squares, etc. It goes very well to communicate cheaply with the family.

Planning routes to a GPS

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- GPS Navigation: Ideal for preparing in advance the places to visit and mark the locations of the places you want to visit, as during the trip hardly have time to plan it. Do not trust all your planning routes to a GPS, it’s always good to have a map handy just in case.

- PDA: if you can bring in a hard case better than you give him a blow in a careless and ruin the screen. These also are usually the most expensive gadget, so you have to protect the investment.

- Media player: do not be selfish and take music to everyone’s taste your companions for the trip.

- Both the PDA and computer to access the Internet you can use to build your particular travel guide, such as html, doc, etc. Goes very well to complement an official guide, with travel reviews and tips from other travelers. It can also carry more detailed information on monuments, access maps, timetables and fares, etc.

The gadget is helpful for the traveler!

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