Traveling to Venezuela

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A must to visit tourist attractions in Venezuela, in addition to its capital Caracas, Margarita Island is a destination for excellence in recreation, the beaches are a pleasure as well as its natural landscapes which are valued as of great value. So, too, stands the archipelago of Los Roques, located in the Caribbean Sea. This is a place of turquoise waters, considered as a luxury destination for summer holidays. It is important to mention that is located about 128 kilometers from the capital Caracas.

Traveling to Venezuela

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We can also choose to visit Morrocoy National Park, which is located in the region of Falcon, in the northwest of the country. Their unique beauty makes it one of the most amazing natural destinations in the area.

Tourist attractions in Venezuela

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Now let’s get to know the Canaima National Park, which holds in its womb to the highest waterfall in the world known as Angel Falls, a magical place that decide to visit.

Venezuela natural destinations

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In the state of Venezuela is Miranda del Tuy Ocumate where its soft sandy beaches is the oasis for those who are hungry for fun, in this place will regain lost energy and even more vibrant night invaded the full pace.

In Sierra de La Culata which is a mountainous region where you can observe more than interesting flora and fauna as it is a mountainous formation made up of the moors Tambos Campanario, Piedras Blancas and Mucuchies. It is worth noting that Sierra de La Butt is regarded as a national park since 1989.

Angel Falls, is a natural wonder of Venezuela, where the interest is great there are no obstacles that could interfere with what you want, and so does Angel Falls, the stakeholders through various options in the middle of the region jungle reach the splendor of the falls.

Angel Falls is located in the highlands of Guayana, which integrates one of the five areas of Venezuela. It is considered the highest waterfall in the world, is about 978m high, 807m of them belong to the fall permanently. Because of its high interest and causes even more impressive if they say they are 15 times higher than Niagara. Angel Falls is the result of the fall of the river from the Auyantepuy Churún.

Angel Falls

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Canaima National Park is responsible for protecting the Angel Falls. This park was established as such on 12 June 1962. Also, due to its area of 3 million hectares, and all that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. In this exceptional park and stunning scenery, an opportunity to enjoy the waterfalls, among them the most attractive as it is also the Angel Falls and the Canaima lagoon.

But What is the name of Angel Falls? The answer is simple: the Saint is named in honor of Jimmy Angel. Who is this unique character? It is an amateur pilot the adventures native Missouri, United States, which is a modern legend found Angel Falls for the first time in 1933 when he flew in search of a legendary amount of gold.

Trip to Venezuela

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Good trip to Venezuela!

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