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 Torii Gate, Miyajima Island, Itsukushima Shrine, Japan

If we decide to visit Hiroshima is a must come to Miyajima, a sacred island which is accessible after a few minutes by ferry.

From the sea, the view of Itsukushima Jinja Temple, with its floating “bull” (gate to the temple) are considered one of the most beautiful of the Japanese archipelago.

As this is a sacred island, was formerly forbidden birth, give birth and die in it, so women were banned and the elderly were evacuated to who died elsewhere.

In Miyajima, and a magnificent temple that appears to float on water when the tide is high, there is a single small town that should definitely go for different reasons, such as the artisans who display their varied work and countless tourists delight culinary, like views, will remain forever in the memory of travelers.

Oysters are undoubtedly the hallmarks of the island and, surely, what most surprised to Western tourists accustomed to eating the French style. The Japanese cuisines of many forms, but personally I would suggest testing them in batter. This is a delicious dish, crispy on the outside, soft and mellow inside, sure to please everyone, including those who hate oysters.

 Sushi by the seaside por P F C.

Although it may be most spectacular are the cookies with maple leaf shape, which are manufactured by all the people, in view of passersby, using some very curious artifacts. Traditional are filled with sweet red bean paste, but now you can also find stuffed with chocolate or cheese, although the Japanese still have to improve much its chocolate.

Walking along the beach, near the temple or the castle, there are a lot of deer crossing naturally with people, as is the case in Nara. Be careful with them because they used to provide food, are able to bite and take anything that you may have carelessly in his hands, although not edible, like a map, some clothes …

Despite this, the presence of deer is very nice, since stroke are left are nothing violent and reflect the harmony of the meeting between the wild and civilization.

Sports enthusiasts can climb the sacred mountain of the island, Misen san, whose summit is reached in about two hours walk and from which you can see the beautiful scenery of the temple and the sea.

At the top is a large colony of monkeys that by themselves justify the trip, but, unlike the deer, it is important not to approach them as they may become violent.  

Finally, if we follow the path of the mountain a little more, get a group of young and beautiful temples built in honor of Kobo Daishi (a famous Buddhist monk, painter and poet).

In one of these temples is a flame, they say, is 1200 years on and the cure of that disease that you take a tea kettle hanging over it, according to an ancient legend.

The magic that surrounds the island of Miyajima, with its mix of nature in the wild and civilization, the destination becomes an enigmatic, almost mandatory for those who like the contrasts without fanfare.

Deer Food por ianmcburnie.

There is some spectacular landscapes of this island which is hardly reflected in the photographs: there have to be there, you have to step over to watch.

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