Traveling to Las Vegas

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Traveling to Las Vegas 

Located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Nevada (USA) is the city of Las Vegas. City appearing in many films with large casinos and slot machines. The casinos are open every day, all day. Its hallways see all kinds of characters, from exuberant blond, boy bands in search of fun, couples of all ages ladies dressed up for church.

The game has no timetable, is the same as entering the casino at three in the morning and at 12 noon. Players spend hours playing and when they go back again and again.  Las Vegas is a large amusement park for adults located in the desert. A few meters from airport Maccarren begins to hear the slot machines. The airport receives over 40 million visitors a year. The hotel capacity is 135,000 rooms.

Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip) traverses feel kilometers, its extension appears to have borrowed scenery of the wonders of the world, especially in this city is designed and built in spectacular fashion. The Strip is where the great and fantastic hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

But in addition to game play and more Las Vegas gives us (oddly enough) the opportunity to enjoy art at the Guggenheim Museum you can see works by Van Gogh and Monet, the Bellagio Hotel at Mandalay Bay e Picasso by Andy Warhol.

Their story begins in 1931 when gambling was legalized.  In 1946 he built the first luxury hotel, is carried out the famous gangster Bugsy Siegel. This hotel was the famous Flamingo. Although he died the following year, his dream was to build a city where gambling and freedoms were its main characteristics and where luxury was what most excelled. What you might never imagine it would become the world capital of gambling.

Las Vegas has the ability to continually reinvent itself. The hotels modern and classic hotels offer much more than accommodation and game. They have every imaginable amenity, from spa, shrines, jewelry stores, clothing stores and a kind of Persian market where there is everything. 

When the sun sets is the best time to traverse Strip. There is a train that links to hotels, the monorail, offering a spectacular view of the city. Another unmissable is the dancing waters of the Bellagio hotel that arise throughout the night with its brilliance or the giant screens that accompany us throughout the Boulevard.

Money, money por Nukamari.

At the other end of town is the first casino, The Fremobnt Street Experience is a four-block pedestrian with a roof screen.

Getting married in Las Vegas
Among other diversions, Las Vegas is a place to get married in extravagantly. You can choose between a pirate ship, a gondola or a helicopter. There style weddings in romantic settings, and for the more daring marriages nudists. The city has over 500 chapels in casinos and big hotels. Performed in Las Vegas over 120,000 weddings per year.

Just Married por jimmerbond.

Love and fun in Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps!

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