Traveling to Benasque in Huesca

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Villanova (Valle de Benasque) por crossa.

The town of Benasque is located in a wonderful setting of mountains a 1130m altitude, in the Central Pyrenees (Huesca). Esera river runs through it and was donated by the King the Pyrenees, peculiarity 3404m, in the National Park of Posets-Maladeta. The park, covering an area of 35,000 hectares. Glaciers containing 13, 60 summits over 3,000 meters high and about 95 lakes.

The spectacular mountain scenery makes it an ideal place to practice sports of cross-country trails adventure. Las Benasque, and alpine Cerler, the son of another great attraction in town.

It has a good example of Lombard Romanesque architecture, a legacy of stately homes and a language, the Aragonese, here is commonly called the Patu, who speak of the historical importance had to this town and its valley, the Valle de Benasque.

Cerler por TalkingTree.

Hiking: There are paths and public relations GR1.
Other routes: Eriste Valley, these, Remune, Literotica and Vallibierna; Gorgutes Barranco and Lakes, Lake Cregüeña, Lake Llosas, Batisielles mountain lakes of Lagos de Coronas, Forau of Aigüalluts, Lake Barrancs, Massif circus and armena of Cotiella (2912m), from Barbaruéns, Gallinero Peak, Peak Baciero, etc… And all the trails that unite the people.

Climbing: Ampriu, Aiguas Raisins (vs. Plains Hospital), Remune, Cotiella, Els Sacs (against road detour Cerler), also here the Via Ferrata longest Spain

Speleology: Caves of Alba (Benasque), Pozo Lolouna Chistau in Collado, the Forau Raymond d’Espouy, Simas gossip.

Mountaineering: Aneto Peak (3404m), the Maladeta (3354m), Perdiguero (3222m), Posets (3375m) and another sixty peaks of 3,000 meters.

Skiing: Alpine skiing and cross country skiing Cerler in the Llanos del Hospital de Benasque. You can also practice snowshoeing and backcountry skiing.

Horse riding: There are riding in Anciles, which organize excursions. Anciles is a pretty town well worth a ride from Benasque.

Mountain bike: ancient valleys of these, Vallibierna Valley, Chia track a plan, Barbaruéns Chistau, one of Eresué Cerler, path of Solano, one Seira Gabás Road.

Paragliding: in Castejon de Sos, also hang gliding and microlights. Takeoffs from the henhouse and the Sierra Peak of Chia. (One place gliding largest in Europe)

Canoeing: in Eriste, Swamp Llinsoles. In Benasque Swamp Paso Nuevo (Llanos de Sénart)

Canyoning: twelve cascades Liri, L’Aigüeta of Ramastue. Llisat Ravine, the Ventamillo Congosto of L’Aigüeta Eriste, L’Aigüeta of Barbaruéns, Barranco de San Adria of the Muria, Lliterola Ravine.

Pools (Swimming): in Benasque, Cerler, Eriste, Castejon de Sos and Seira.

Golf course: in the urbanization Linsoles.Benasque also boasts a magnificent sports center and Soccer Field.

What to visit?
Lombard-Romanesque architecture of interest is characterized by its ornamentation with blind arcs and sawtooth friezes. San Pedro de Tabernas, in Seira, Ermita de San Martin de Ntra. Lady of Grace in the Run (s XI)

Ermita de San Martin de Chia (twelfth century), Church of Santa Maria (s. XI-XII) and San Pedro (twelfth century), Church of Sos (s. XII),

Church of St. John Baptist de Eresué (twelfth century), Chapel of St. Peter the Apostle (twelfth century), Church of San Aventín (s. XI)

Sahún Church (XII century), church of San Esteban de Conques in Anciles (s. XI-XII), Monastery of Saints Justo and Pastor, of Aurigema (s. X) Urmella, Gabás PARISH CHURCH (s. XIII) and Renanué (s. XII).

They stand out for their artistic interest Anciles urban cores, Sahún and Benasque, latter with Manifestations of Romanesque-Gothic architecture on the cover of its parish church (XIII century) and civil architecture, represented by the Palace of the Counts of Ribagorza Juste House Torrejon and Faure.

Major Festivals, Eriste August 1, Chia and Sahún, September 8, June 29 Benasque, 29 April, Villanova, June 10, Eresué, August 31, Bisaurri, Cerler, August 10, Castejon de Sos, October 12; Anciles, June 30, July 16, Seira, Liri, 11, Sesué, August 25, Arasan, 14 September.

Bonfires of San Juan “Ball dels omes and their gifts” in Benasque (29 June). The “Ball” Sahún (8 September). The “Ball PLLA” Castejon de Sos (12 October). Traditional game of “Les Quilles” in Benasque.

Bon Voyage!

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