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Bruges, one of the most beautiful and magical cities of Belgium, also called “Venice of the North” because the town has beautiful canals running through it whole.
How come?
In the city of Ostende at 25 km from Bruges is located in Ostend-Bruges airport, which offers numerous options and companies to fly Ryanair noting that connects the city with London. In addition, Bruges, is 100 km away from Brussels Airport Terminal Company, Brussels Airport.
In Bruges is also reachable by train which is connected with the other Belgian cities, with other European cities like Amsterdam and Paris via Thalys fast train. You can also catch the bus and there are connections to other cities like London through the Euro Tunnel and other cities.
Where to Stay
In Bruges there are numerous places to stay, from hotels, hostels and cheap hostels.

How do I move?
Bruges is a small town that has only 117,000 inhabitants making it easy to explore on foot, bicycle or horseback riders, and thus better able to enjoy this beautiful place. For the less sports town also has a bus line that runs through all places of Bruges.
Another form of travel is by boat through the five piers downtown. These are hikes you can see the best places in Bruges. It is also very common to enjoy the city views from its beautiful canals.

What to see?
The historic city center is pedestrian, so it’s a real pleasure to walk through its streets and admire its fantastic gothic buildings. Here we find the Plaza Markt and the Burg Square and both are contiguous. In the Markt square (Plaza Mayor) can enjoy the Gothic belfry (Belfort), which has 83 meters high and more than 300 steps in the Burg Square and we met with the City, the Basilica of Holy Blood, a former clerk Renaissance and sixteenth-century palace. The Basilica of Holy Blood has two superimposed chapels, one of which is Romanesque, while the other is neo-gothic. It venerate a relic of the Blood of Christ brought from the Holy Land by the Count of Flanders.

De Grote Markt, Brugge por Eber M..

Burg por Guspira.

Another of the most important monuments is the Cathedral of San Salvador. This church is the oldest of Bruges, which corresponds to the eleventh to fifteenth centuries. It has 100 meters high and consists of towers at the corners.

You cannot miss the Church of Our Lady. This church dates from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries and is noted for its 122 feet high made of brick. There are many works by Michelangelo notably a Madonna with a child in addition to marble tombs of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

The Begijnhof or Beaterio is a wonderful addition to tranquil garden is welcoming and spectacularly beautiful especially in spring. Among the many museums that highlight the city has Groeningemuseum which is the Communal Museum of Fine Arts, we can find six centuries of Flemish and Belgian. Gruuthuse Museum where we can see a fantastic collection of decorative art. Another famous museum is the Diamond, plus the Archaeological Museum.


Of course you cannot leave the city without an excursion for its beautiful canals.

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