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In Transylvania the standard of living is expensive, but the compensation offered to non-professionals, overcomes many of the rest of the world. Mountains, forests and castles are the perfect combination to take an interesting trip through Transylvania, a Romanian incredible region near the hills known tent, a territory that hides the wonder of history and mystery of a legend is born in the known Dracula character.

Brasov, Romania - Piata Sfatului - Council

Photography by cod_gabriel

To begin the journey through this region located in the center of Romania, will start by saying that it is hiding an incredible legend covered in an important historic moment for the European country. The green of its forests has drawn secret and hidden forms, leading fans to create beautiful product stories let their imagination, lasting until today and have led to the completion of books, films and plays.

Beyond the imagination and the amazing stories of Bram Stoker, writer and novelist of Dracula, Transylvania has been in history fought region by Hungarians, Austrians and Romanians. Thanks to the love affair that caused a landscape where mountains, valleys, hills and forests have been the brightest stars. Transylvania has been so important in history, becomes even declared a world heritage site to be a medieval town that is Lake Rosu, Bran Castle and the charming Cluj, capital of Transylvania.

Her story is not developed only by the beauty of its landscapes, but because it is located on the border between southern Europe and the eastern plains. The border was along the history stored by the Romans creating disputes in order to seize the territory. Its history is reflected today by the diversity of languages that the regions, among which are Hungarian, Romanian, German, Polish, Slovak and even Ukrainian.

Prices in Transylvania
The standard of living of the people who live in Transylvania can be compared well with the one with any citizen who is living in a European country. A comfortable level so that housing and food costs become equal to those of other countries, with the difference that the salaries of the inhabitants of Transylvania are 30% higher. A professional worker can collect approximately € 16,000 per year.

Among the most known is important to note that pre-fabricated houses are a great attraction because of its diverse and creative ways. The houses are manufactured by hand using wood and also have excellent prices. The embroidery, wines, cheeses and beauty products are also part of the strengths of the region.

Food & Drink
Food & Drink in Transylvania is not a matter of concern, being the knuckle roast the highlight of the city, is ideal for lovers of meat. Their food is so varied that for lovers of vegetables you can find traditional Fasole Soup (beans or beans) and a delicious roll of rice wrapped in cabbage, known as Sarmale.

It is noteworthy that the strengths of the region’s gastronomic meals are suitable for any taste and occasion. Vegetables for those who maintain a healthy diet low in fat, and grilled meats and strong for those who keep a diet less delicate.

Most hotels and hostels in Transylvania have excellent quality, in addition to keeping really affordable prices. However, for the adventurous personalities, you can find mountain lodge in houses where you can enjoy nature at less than 10 € a day.

Transylvania is a destination then you can not miss, because on one hand keeps the history of a region being fought by several European countries, has a wonderful scenery and an amazing cost of living. And lastly, a wonderful fantasy world thanks to the fictional characters and movie inspired there.

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