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The trips to the city of Arequipa are more than interesting. It is a unique experience of geography, flora and fauna. Where you can begin to see one of its main attractions is the Valle del Colca. Where El Mirador de la Cruz del Condor in Colca Canyon is one of the points where the crack is best viewed Colca Canyon, over 3 thousand meters opens in the Peruvian land.

Arequipa is the second most visited city in Peru, is a pioneer in the textile industry and the birthplace of Mario Vargas Llosa, among other illustrious. There is the Colca Canyon, one of the lowest depths of the planet.

“The houses, churches and monasteries are the main attraction of the historic center of Arequipa”.

In the Inca Trail:

Arequipa is the regional and provincial capital and is the second most visited city in the country. The origin of its name derives from the Quechua language arequipai, which means “Yes, stay.” A phrase that fits perfectly to the reality of the place, since in the thin streets, white walls and in the spirit of Peru, is seen a strange and powerful force that invites to stay.

Arequipa, which spawned the writer Mario Vargas Llosa and Pedro Paulet, the father of modern aeronautics, was founded in 1540 and also received the nickname “White City” for its many buildings made of white ashlar stone, a volcanic material petrified thrown by the volcano Misti. Besides this, two other peaks dominate the scenery: Chachani and Pichu Pichu.

Travel to Arequipa

The Colca Valley:

The Colca Valley is another of the great attractions of the region, where he settled a great number of Andean peoples, and where it is one of the lowest depths of the world: the Colca Canyon (3,400 m).

Undoubtedly, the height of the region is a major attraction for tourists originating from low-lying areas, but also a problem for those suffering from the altitude. So to avoid this discomfort, the locals recommended a halt of one or two days in Arequipa before continuing up to Cusco or Machu Pichu.

Parihuanas pink flamingos are among the most common inhabitants of the reserve. In 2000, residents of Arequipa, which now number one million two hundred thousand souls, had a new source of pride, as the historic city center was declared by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.

As for sports say that kayaking is one of the most developed sport in the rivers and rapids of the region. One of the attractions that cut the breath of tourists is the Waterfall Sitia, which collapses all its fury in Cotahuasi Canyon, a slot “only” 3535 meters deep.


The city of Arequipa is located in the southwestern corner of Peru at an altitude of 2,360 feet, nestled in a fertile valley between the coastal area of the Atacama Desert and the spurs of the Western Cordillera of the Andes. In its surroundings, gain fame and beaches Camaná Mollendo, home to Mejía, the highlight of the resort city.

The city of Arequipa

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Arequipa is a destination that has not lost in Peru!

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