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Aruba is one of the most popular destinations opr tourists in the world, especially when directed to vacation at one of the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, also called, and justly, “The Happy Island.” It has a total area of 184 km2, is located in the heart of the Caribbean, just 20 miles off the Venezuelan coast, and safe from the traditional path of hurricanes. Along with Bonaire and Curacao, part of the Netherlands Antilles, but since 1 January 1986 the nation became a separate State of the Netherlands, with the governor himself, though appointed by the Queen. It is by its history as a colony, the houses that decorate the charming streets of Oranjestad, the capital, exhibit very similar styles to those of Amsterdam.


With an average temperature of 28 º C, there is no place for the winter in Aruba. Any time of year is ideal to visit, either alone or to enjoy a themed party at one of its 27 luxury hotels lining the western shore each night, paired with romantic dinners in the light of the stars in their restaurants on the beach or family, and so make the most of the activities under the ocean or above it.

Her story:

Although discovered by the Spanish in 1499, its extreme dryness and lack of economic resources were pushed to classify it as an “island useless” and leave, taking with them the original inhabitants to work in mines and plantations of Cuba and Jamaica. He spent more than a century until they understood that the Netherlands could be a point of strategic trade and took possession of it. Later, in early 1800 he discovered gold mines, which for the next century were no longer profitable. It mattered little because the oil industry arrived simultaneously that together with plantations of aloe, gave a new economic impetus to Aruba. They reached the island Venezuelan immigrants, Americans, Asians and Europeans, which gives an exotic flavor to this cosmopolitan town, but who lives in harmony.


Perhaps this is because of its diverse cuisine, which includes over one hundred restaurants Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Netherlands, Cantonese, Italian, Argentina and, of course, “arubiana. The dishes are based on fresh local seafood and fish is the main component of the diet of the island. Grilled, roasted, baked or fried, tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo or barracuda are achieved by local fishermen settled in quiet and uncrowded areas. Ideally Balashi accompany a very cold, local beer, soft gustito a holiday that makes the most. Some recommendations to enjoy are: Skewers, with an unbeatable location in a pier on the sea and Bloosoms, with delicious oriental dishes prepared in the moment at the diner.

Aruba Faro Blanco

aruba_026 by pagodagirl.

Tourism, which today is home to 80 percent of its 100 thousand inhabitants, not broken until well into the twentieth century with the arrival in 1957 of the first luxury liner, the Tradewinds. Since then, the choice of activities did not cease to multiply.

Aquatic life:

Thanks to constant trade winds, the west coast the further north the better, “is perfect for wind sports. Early in the morning, you can see tourists and arubianos parasailing, windsurfing and kite a few steps from the California lighthouse. Having never practiced before these disciplines is no excuse, not only because drowning is far from being a punishment, but also because a number of positions offered, plus all the necessary equipment, basic lessons or complete courses for a fee of U.S. $ 35 an hour.

Someone parasailing by Dennis from Atlanta.

A little to the center, where the luxury resorts line the waters become even more calm, so that families with children choose them as their favorites. The options to achieve each day an adventure, banana boat rides ($ 20), boat rental (from U.S. $ 130 half hour) and jet ski rental ($ 65 half hour). Snorkel aboard a catamaran or diving to 13 meters depth are other tempting options, for which no preparation is needed and can be performed without prior training.

A classic of the Happy Island is the Atlantis, a submarine that descends to 36 feet deep and, thanks to the incredible clarity of the water, offers a science-fiction spectacle. Huge shoals file past the windows during the 60 minutes that lasts the passage, in addition to coral reefs full of marine life.

And if you think the offer has already exceeded their expectations, wait there is still more. The full-day trip to Palm Island is among the most popular. The place has a restaurant, bar, equipment for snorkeling and exciting Sea Trek. What is it? Well, just bridges 114 meters long when everything you have to do is breathe and walk. So what is grace? It happens that the simple walk takes place at 9 feet deep, with a modern, if somewhat heavy, diving. Under the warm tropical waters, the instructors will take your picture while you feed the fish or watch a plane wreck.

On Manchebo Beach drinking a nice cocktail by mancheboaruba.

The east coast, however, has almost no tourist infrastructure, its beaches are ideal for the lonely and the sea is so moved that the only people who encourage you and surfers are looking forward to new challenges. The west coast of Aruba, the farther north the better, is ideal for wind sports.


Malls abound with sea view, whose premises are open between 8 and 18 hours, although some close their doors during the afternoon. Being a free port, imported goods prices are unbeatable, so it is common to see a picture of hundreds of women coming and going carrying boxes of shoes and bags of clothes.

Although the main hotels and the Queen Beatrix airport also have their warehouses, which could solve the issue at a stroke purchases worth visiting the shopping area as it is a walk in itself: in front of the cruise port, between buy and purchase can see these giants anchored night falls barely turn on their lights and illuminate the warm waters in the Caribbean to take a break before returning to sail.

On the water in Oranjestad, Aruba ~ by **Mary**.

Bon voyage!

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