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Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island, located 85 km south of Cuba. On arrival the first impression and we confirm some myths: for example, beaches are paradisiacal, the sea is really a deep turquoise, the hotels have excellent care and are well equipped, Bob Marley is a legend really pervasive and that its nature is painted with thousands of colors that captivate us.

Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica, the first place is the capital Kingston. When you come out of Montego Bay can be seen across the road, always on the left a sea whose white beaches surprises us, under the splendid Blue Mountains you can see wooden houses and stones and many small bars and very small forgotten by time. We can also see golf courses, polo fields and resorts with large sizes.

The houses are located on the side of the road are small and are usually painted red, green and yellow. These are the colors of the flag of Ethiopia (Africa), people found in almost every heart Jamaicans.

Jamaica was discovered in 1494 by Columbus and throughout the seventeenth century it was conquered by the British. When they were under British rule became the leading exporter of sugar, merit that has reached the slaves who were brought from Africa. In each village no lack of these three colors and rhythms of reggae.

The Caribbean is an area more than warm, so have some fun in the pool at the Sandals Grande does nothing but give bonus. Sandals hotel chain we offer two variations: Beaches Sandals for couples and for families. Everything is designed so that visitors spend their days with good fun and great pleasure. You can enjoy a very good level restaurant, water sports, tennis, a variety of shops and even a few luxury spa. In the Beaches while parents spend in the sun extremely well the kids are in the care of Elmo, Zoe and Cookie (Sesame Street characters). In Ocho Rios is impossible to miss the trip to Dunn’s River Falls Fall, which is 180 meters high and about 800 meters long.

Greeting's From Jamaica por Striderv.

And if yours is a choice adventure Mystic Mountain is the park of 40 ha in size, you can practice in the canopy, Jumpi dumpling and a chairlift ride by passing between the treetops.

Again on the road will continue to see posts where they are selling everything clear example of them are giant snails that can be taken as souvenirs of the place or the nice Bob Marley heads that are carved in wood, necklaces, bracelets and endless accessories of all sizes and species. Through a thick forest we can distinguish quite turbulent rivers, waterfalls and colorful flowers.

dunn's river falls por dejagib.

Every few miles we will run into very small towns in which to see the classic colors vary from the area. A miss is noted for posters to be displayed with pride of the Jamaican sprinters who were winners of the Olympic Games in China accompanied by the phrase “Jamaican’s Golden Boys”.

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