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Frognerseteren Oslo Norway 15th March 2009 por loose_grip_99.

Schedule a vacation cycle at any time of year is often an arduous and complicated task, therefore, not only affects the budget in setting a destination, but also attractions that site has to offer. There are particularly fertile grounds for the summer tourist season. And there are other places that, according to his wealth, attract visitors who choose to travel in winter for skiing. Oslo is one of those dream places, specially adapted for a tourist eager to make inroads in a heterogeneous vacation plan. Offers alternatives for all ages, all tastes and all interests. Occupying the country serving more angular, Oslo is recognized worldwide, as the capital of Norway, since 1814. Welcome by thousands of wooded hills, is presented as a desirable city for nature lovers who wish to contact the air and seasonal flora. While there do not have to travel long miles in search of a nature reserve, in the center, large perimeters of parks can be found just around the corner.

Arrive at this tourist destination of emergency, does not involve any difficulty. Transportation alternatives are varied and adapted to the ways and requirements of each tourist. For those wishing to travel by plane, there are two options: to stop at the main airport in Oslo, or reach the track from Sandefjord-Torp, located 110 miles south-west.

For those without the need to take a flight, the cheaper alternative and picturesque, often the shuttle train to Central Station. Similarly, one can arrive from neighboring destinations, boarding a bus, whose local terminal is located in the downtown. Also, the romantics who wish to spend a stay in boat can participate in a cruise boarding at the port of Oslo.

Tryvann in the morning por flholst.

Another thing to consider is related to the excellent performance of public transport, which has arrived in the most exclusive destinations visited. The city also has an organizational model of road safety, which allows tourists to enjoy the beautiful city on bicycles or similar shot.

Choose this site to enjoy winter at its best, has no waste. When the temperature reaches a maximum of four degrees below zero “a relatively warm climate,” due to temper that pulls the water reaching nothing less than to the Gulf of Mexico, to this the peak of adventure in the winter capital call.

Take the subway is a good alternative to get from downtown Oslo, the ski resort of Tryvann, a site designed especially for lovers of skiing and other sports based on the snow. This place has the quality of being the largest circulation perimeter of Oslo. Fourteen tracks down and six lifts are some numbers that give light to that categorization.

Starting the season on October 1, the site remains open until Easter, the date on which, year after year, thousands of people choose to leave their homes, to repeat the experience in the recent busy holiday.

The Holmenkollen is one of the biggest attractions of the season. Just describe it as a platform height and is a huge challenge for skiers who attempt to conquer during the training sessions daily, in the area is regulated. In addition to those entering the place and decide to take roles where passive spectators usually turn a nice show. All await the time of start, and cheer the successful fall. The site also offers 2600 meters of runway, prepared for those wishing to Nordic skiing. Another variant recommended for those who like extreme sports.

 Holmenkollen por MarkCat.

For children, alternative programs offer fun and in tune with the cold of winter. Visit the ice rinks, with the difficulty of realizing the balance roots and its subsequent slide, usually the delight of children and adults. Similarly, the sleigh ride along a trail a mile long. It is also attractive tour boat, which is complimented by tourism, even though the cold stalks the city.

But for those who prefer a more cultural trip to sports, there are alternatives, scheduled strictly for the enjoyment of tourists. The tour can begin with a visit to some of the itinerant fifty museums the city has to its credit. These tours are usually chosen by the tourist who is not pleased by exposure to high temperatures in mountain areas and prefer to take refuge in the center. We recommend a visit to the Museum of the City of Oslo, a site which is located in the beautiful old main building, Frogner, the tour of various art galleries, stroll through the Viking Ship Museum. For a unique view have at Oslo City Hall, near the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.

Vigeland Sculpture park Oslo por Trampelman.

However, the visit to the Vigeland Park is another of the experiences that tourists should travel in Oslo. There, nature, crops and the varied vegetation is exacerbated at its best. And when the sun begins to sink, nightlife opens its shutters, for those who persist in their desire to enjoy a vacation, and do not wish to take refuge in their hotels early. There the scene starts to be completed by the wide range of bars, nightclubs, with all that means enticing gastronomic offers.

To complete a happy holiday period (for those who do not like to leave or are physically challenged or for any reason to stay in the hotel) service within the premises of their hotels, you can take advantage by visiting the center billboard spa and relaxation services, and choose the one best suited to their tastes and needs.

Thus, Oslo, shows and demonstrates, as showcase for world tourism, which stands as capital to plan a winter dream ideal!

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