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A heady mix of architectural treasures such as the Great Hassan II Mosque which shines like gold in the rays of the sun, to the dusty old town, the old Medina, only ten minutes away on foot, and even their structures contemporary such as the twin towers of World Trade Centre.

Casablanca, Morocco

Photography by U-g-g-B-o-y-(-Photograp h-World-Sense-)

Always made famous by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman on the film of the same name in 1942, Casablanca is Morocco’s capital in everything but name. Rabat has that honor, but Casablanca is more widely recognized as the most important city because of its key activities, economic, commercial, industrial and shipping.

Travel to Casablanca

Photography by Peter Shanks

Such activities have given part of the city a sense of XXI century avant-garde, especially around the Boulevard Brahim Roudaini where new and modern business centers have helped to create areas of excellent restaurants and cultural sites. These are in marked contrast to the small streets of the old city of Medina and the bustling souks where you can see dusty traditional buildings and colonial style.

Also known as Casa (informal) and Dar el Baida (Arabic), Casablanca, has a lively history. This city was the most notable during the Portuguese occupation of the fifteenth century, thanks to the country’s desire to stop the pirates to use the port from which they launched attacks on their fleets. The city was virtually destroyed by an earthquake in 1755, and at that time the Portuguese lost their interest in the city, so it was reborn under the Moroccan leader Sidi Mohammed III expansive renovation plans. Even today some of its buildings remain of interest. Casablanca, Morocco and is now under French rule.

Casablanca Main Square

Photography by Alkan Chaglar

Casablanca by night:

The Casablanca today is a wonderful place to visit, and one of the best ways to get the full impact of the city, is to fly from any of the numerous European destinations and see the city from the air, or arrive on a cruise. The skyscrapers of the city extending to the horizon from all directions, seeing them from the airplane window, or from the deck of the ship, and is one of the memories that will remain forever.

Going for a walk or a car to see the sights obligations, including the Hassan II Mosque with its massive glass floor, the old Medina (Old Medina) and the new town in Art Deco (New Ville).

Trip to Casablanca

Photography by Peter Shanks

Casablanca, Shopping, souvenirs and flea markets:

In town you can find handmade crafts, plus rugs, colorful geometric patterns called kilims or rugs that are also handmade and sold in small shops that line the streets around the city, especially in the area El Boulevard Felix Houphouet Boigny or Las medinas.

Central Market:

If you want fresh fruit and vegetables go to Central Market (Marche Central) in Rue Chaouia, which remains open daily from 6:00 a.m. 14:00.

Good trip to Morocco!

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