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Have a coffee with cardamom in a sunny terrace while a arguile smoke (smoking is a part) has once again become a daily event in Beirut and innocent. Ten years after the devastating war that filled with craters and ruins, the capital of Lebanon, Beirut resurgence with unusual power and back, gradually, to become the Pearl of the Middle East.

Throughout 2004, more than three million foreign tourists stopped in Lebanon for a vacation and for the first time in thirty years, European tourists outnumber those from Arab countries. And it is this small Mediterranean country has many attractions that make it a perfect tourist destination in just a few hours can go from skiing among the cedars that populate the mountainous interior to stroll along the beach before stopping to visit some of hundreds of archaeological treasures that this privileged place.

Same Beirut is surrounded by mountains, enjoys a beautiful coastline and is in its interior remains Phoenicians, Romans, Umayyads, Mamelukes, Ottomans and colonial. Despite the violence they experienced during three decades endless, the people of Beirut managed to keep their city alive today an ambitious plan to rehabilitate the Central District that has put Beirut back on the center of the commercial life of Middle East, restoring the atmosphere of its cafés and the hospitality of its people.

In Beirut there is much to see. If you walk the promenade of Ar-Rauch to the hours of twilight, when the stores are throwing the closure, we will take as young Beiruti positions to see how the sun stained red the impressive cliffs emerging from the sea off the city.
Beirut is, above all, the capital of the ethnic and religious diversity. Here stand Maronite churches, Orthodox and Catholic, Sunni and Shiite mosques and temples Druze. Beirut is essentially a redesigned capital for peace. Thus, it was known as the “Switzerland of the Orient” has returned to recover the well-deserved reputation for its restaurants, its lively nightlife and its casinos again move huge amounts of money.
Despite the war, the architectural heritage of Beirut still retains a great interest. While many can be Byzantine and Roman ruins in the city. This is the reality of modern Beirut, which lies about half a dozen cities before. The buildings are best preserved in the Ottoman period, as the Government Palace and the Military Hospital (now the Ministry of Construction and Development).

Beirut by maikusasi.

The Mamluks also left a lasting imprint in Beirut. Patriarch Hoeik on the street can be seen remains of the medieval wall built this dynasty, which also preserves the Al-Umari, a church built on the twelfth century. They also have the finest mosques Emir Assef (XVI century) and the Mosque of al-Munzer Tanuyi (XVII century).
Among the oldest preserved church is the Greek Orthodox St. George, founded in the eighteenth century, or the Maronite cathedral dedicated to Saint and founded in the nineteenth century by the Archbishop Yussuf Ad-Debs.
Spirituality in Beirut did not deny the sensual, in Lebanon and the food and drink are not national. Here the most usual is to sit in front of a large number of small dishes and go snacking while Sorbe local spirits (arak) or some of the excellent wines produced in the valleys Lebanese, including some of the best wines the world. Of the culinary delights that make up the highlights Mazza tabbuleh, a wheat salad with cucumber, tomato, onion, mint and lemon, the mutabbal, an exquisite cream eggplant that is taken with the pan “pita” Arabic or falafel small croquettes vegetables which are usually served with sauce Labná. All light and within easy reach, ideal for extending the conversation from the desktop and plants, and into the afternoon, with an aromatic qahwa on hand along with some Arabic mixed with sweet almonds, pistachios and honey.

Beirut to understand there’s nothing better than to go to the poets and musicians who have been glossing its charms for centuries. Among his most respected figure singing nightingale of the East, Fayruz, one of the best of Arabic music of the twentieth century, whose songs hear in every alley or shop Beiruti.

For tourists who chose this destination and close to travel to Beirut, we wish you a pleasant experience.

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