Trans-Siberian train route from Beijing to Moscow

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Empezando el Transmongoliano by Anafranz.

The legendary Trans-Siberian railway route connecting Moscow with the Far East, has a branch that deviates in the city of Ulan Ude to follow road to Mongolia and China. This is known as “Trans-”, a train of China flag used on a long stretch of the Trans-Siberian routes. The route is a route fraught with vast surprise to travelers who decide to travel. A journey of no less than nine thousand kilometers through landscapes as varied as deserts, tundra, lakes, mountains, woodlands, and famous places like the Gobi Desert in China, the steppes of Mongolia, or the Urals in the journey within Russia, spanning hundreds of villages and cultures, many of them preserved for millennia.

The train ride on the “Trans-Siberian”, will be a long journey, as a projection of a film of wild landscapes and even inhospitable, but populated by unique cultures, and all through the window: starting from Beijing in Soon we will enter in the Gobi desert, arid land stretches barely covered by a small herb as a tundra, inhabited by nomadic tribes in canvas tents in the midst of vast landscapes devoid. The main stop in Mongolia will be in Ulan Bator, the capital, a city that stands apart from the lifestyles and customs of the rest of the country rudimentary. Mongolia is a barely developed, if not, underdeveloped. The infrastructure and living conditions of its population are only rudimentary, and paradoxically help to preserve a culture that remains almost intact in their habits and lifestyles. Everything seems preserved in Mongolia suspiciously. A stop at the nation’s capital, will enable us not only know the city, but even make excursions outside in areas where we can meet and share life in a camp of the Gers, the nomadic people of Mongolia.

More local architecture by Cavegirl Delly.

 Returning to the train, the next stop will be important after long hours in Irkutsk, the capital of Siberia to the shores of Lake Baikal, a veritable sea of fresh water, the deepest lake on earth. In the area of fisheries and related food is exquisite and there are rest houses near the lake to spend a few days of relaxation widely used by Russian tourists. The journey by train, with four days away, fate separates us from Moscow. Be a long journey to go through about three thousand miles, countless nuances, villages, forests and mountains.

Of course that requires a long journey to cope scheduling activities, the ideal, much to read, and something to talk to our fellow travelers. The stops, even the briefest, will be a small chance to spy on cities and towns, or shopping in markets with the seasons. After two days Siberia have been left behind, then, the Urals will be our gateway to Europe. The anxiety of coming to Moscow, probably because of the apparent monotony of the train, when everything seems to happen behind the counter. Moscow is an amazing city to arrive, and we wait with all its surprises, leaving behind an unforgettable journey: we travel by train a distance too great, even for the scale of our planet.

Good Luck!

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