Tours through Patagonia in South America

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The nature of Tierra del Fuego cruise invited to walk around and discover the flora and fauna. It is the Chilean population that controls the north shore of the Strait of Magellan. A town of 130,000 that has some post colonization, frontier city where light and air and solitude southern portend. Punta Arenas Valparaiso recalls a point, with those ridged hills carpeted with colorful low houses that hang to the edge of the Strait of Magellan. It is the starting point of many cruises on the Patagonian channels and excursions to see the native forests in the Strait.

Cruising the Patagonian

Photography by Ana_Cotta

Cruising the Patagonian channels:

The single best way to discover the Patagonian channels and islands is by sea. Three boats make tours Australis Cruise from Punta Arenas and Ushuaia with stops in penguin colonies, glaciers, islands, elephant seals, Patagonian forests, in addition Wulaia. Masthead of the route is Cape Horn. They are boats of up to 120 passengers with a concept of cruising expedition, in which daily go ashore for excursions and lectures during the voyage is on glaciology, flora and fauna and history of Patagonia.

Flora and fauna in Patagonia

Photography by R I O M A N S O

The avenue of glaciers:

The most spectacular Beagle Channel, which links the Atlantic and Pacific, is the Avenue of the Glaciers. It is a stretch of about 60 kilometers long in the five glaciers that flow down from the Cordillera Darwin. Five mighty rivers of ice that can be viewed one after another like a traveling magic from the ship’s rail: Glaciers “the Spain“, “Romansh”, “the Roncaglia”, “Italia” and “Holland.” Some, such as “Italia”, are still tidal glaciers, or ice tongue reaches the sea. Others, such as Romansh, have receded somewhat in recent 10 years that the front is suspended from the rock several miles of canal.

The prison in Ushuaia:

In 1902 the Argentine authorities decided to build a prison for repeat offenders and dangerous prisoners in the confines of national territory: Ushuaia. The prison was built by the convicts themselves. Holds up to 600 prisoners and was active until 1947. Today has been converted into a museum and one of the main attractions of the city. Some wards have been rehabilitated showing how the prisoners lived, the conditions of internment and the daily life of the prison. There are two interesting examples of ship models in the history of Tierra del Fuego, starting with the Beagle, and on the Antarctic explorations.

Harberton :

The British pastor Thomas Bridges was the first European to integrate among the Yagan, one of the five original peoples of Tierra del Fuego. In 1886 he founded a stay 80 kilometers east of Usuhaia from which, he learned the language Yagan and to protect people from other European settlers. The Harberton ranch has been owned since the descendants of Bridges, who have opened part of the tourism facilities.

Puerto Williams:

Is the Chilean military base on the island of Navarino, on the south shore of the Beagle Channel. A town of wooden houses surrounded by pure nature you can imagine. Compact beech forests, and coigües ñirres, twisted like corkscrews by wind, lining the sides of the island. A sticky mist envelops them in mystery. Two thousand people, including military, their families and fishermen engaged in marine species such as crab and squid inhabit this paradise lost.


This is an ancient settlement on the west coast of the island of Navarino, in the Murray Channel. Even the hills are formed by the remains of shellfish that were the staple diet of the Aborigines “Tierra del Fuego.” Here was the slaughter of the Anglican missionaries on November 9, 1859. Later he built a building for the radio navigation, which now houses a museum about the history of the peoples of Tierra del Fuego.

The Beagle Channel:

From Ushuaia out daily boats (catamarans and smaller ships) that make day trips by the Beagle Channel. Just stay away from the bay of Ushuaia, the passenger is dipped in the purest nature of Tierra del Fuego. It passes near islands colonized by sea lions and cormorants, is to stay near Tunnel, founded in 1900. Some ships also stop at the Estancia Harberton. Hammer on the island visiting a penguin colony.

Tours through Patagonia in South America

Photography by Tanenhaus

Cape Horn:

The ideal point of a trip to Tierra del Fuego. Cape Horn is at the southern tip of the continent. Beyond is only Antarctica. It is not really an island but a cape. No port. You can only land on the ship’s auxiliary boats to take us. And with high winds or bad weather, impossible. On the island live a Chilean military and their families, who take turns every year.

Good luck in your travels to Patagonia in South America!

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