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Im Nationalpark Ischigualasto

Trips to San Juan in Argentina, will enrich with its spectacular geographical backgrounds, involved in traveling frenzy of enthusiasm. Talk of the Province of San Juan in Argentina is to speak of the famous “mushroom”, which is the main rock formation of the park, and has become the tourist symbol of a province whose attractions are not enough to know in a week (or in a life), but can be walked in a few days to take a big impression, enjoy the landscape and keep wanting to return a few times.

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We have San Juan, as a point of departure and arrival. You can make the same trip in five days, but the mountain roads and leave the body pummeled sections to further accelerate the visit.

The first destination is green. Once outside the airport, the game is to the east, by the RN 141. A 64 km away Vallecito, with its quaint sanctuary of the Deceased Correa, and beyond the 510 to the north, a fertile valley.

Tours of San Juan 

On the road to San Augustin passes Astica, village surrounded by fruit trees. It’s easy to find in St. Augustine, especially if you know the provincial capital, because the order of the main streets is the same. The capital city of the Fertile Valley, home is where the largest number of tourists coming to see Ischigualasto.

Another option close to sleep or walking is the Majadita, a place with houses of stone or adobe, which is reached by a road dreamed wheel drive vehicles, but not for both common. They say it can go through with any car, but better check the status of the road before trying it. In the area there are inns such as La Media Luna, tucked away in the hills to spend the night in calm and no cellular signal.
Ischigualasto, was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000 and together with its sister park Talampaya, La Rioja, Natural Heritage of Humanity. It’s worth crossing the provincial boundary to also know the other side.

In addition, to continue to the Cuesta del Viento dam should leave a few kilometers from the province in search of the RN 40, and the road also crosses the protected area of La Rioja. To the south, from Villa Union, Argentina’s most famous route, spends up to Huaco.

For the RN 150, the turquoise is necessary before coming to Rodeo, where the lake Cuesta del Viento occurs suddenly, as one of the most unusual landscapes in the country.

Church Capital Department, Rodeo has cabins for rent and farms as The Hammer, which offers horseback riding, fishing and nautical activities, including river rafting Jáchal. Another good choice to stay is at 14 km, Hotel Termas Pismanta complex cooperatively managed, rustic style, thermal baths and a pool to enjoy the stunning surrounding water.

On the road to Barreal, on Route 149, Calingasta Area, there are good sites for some pictures, like the church of Catalve (in town), the ruins of Hilario, witnessed a mining past, and the hill fortress.

After touring the area Leoncito National Park, with its large observatory and its strange pampa, the return to capital can be made by a path of small shrubs, to the RN 40.

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