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Tango en Buenos Aires por bzmch.

Tourists who come to Buenos Aires, mainly targeting the following objectives: Puerto Madero, Club Boca, a dinner and tango show and go shopping centers. For those who come first in Buenos Aires: Puerto Madero, is a typical old place which is fairly busy, to a lesser extent by the Argentines. With greater acceptance by the Buenos Aires (locals) and tourists young and independent, and acts that come from Chile and Uruguay, know that the old center of Buenos Aires still exists.

Abrazo de Gol! por Tengo una espina en el ojo, no me la puedo sacar. 

As to the visit the La Boca neighborhood, immediately comes to mind the idea of meeting the traditional Argentine soccer team, and clear improvement even seeing a football game in their stadium. The neighborhood of La Boca, has its main street, called Caminito, made up for tourists. We recommend you go to the Centro Cultural Recoleta, if you have free on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. There’s a mix of people and things. “Also why not go to Liniers, it’s a place where you can meet extraordinary fair traders maintained by Bolivians. Many tourists come here when they think they have been known to Argentina, not Bolivian communities. But while I say that Argentina is that … a place of arrival, where probably some of his distant relatives arrived a century ago from Spain and Europe in general. Buenos Aires not be what it is this constant stream of people coming from far and tone cosmopolitan city has nothing to do with the elites simply speaking foreign languages, but also with poor migrants from Europe who arrived first, then of the provinces and, finally, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru.

Buenos Aires is cosmopolitan not only above but mainly below, an example is the spices that are sold at the fair in Liniers, that feed our cosmopolitanism as much as sushi that emerged several decades later that immigrants Japanese come to Argentina, it occurred without selling bits of raw fish to the Buenos Aires that, then, did they adhere to a strict diet of rump and fries. Speaking of it in restaurants or places of consumption, say the tips that have a ten per cent of rigor, to have a comparison in Barcelona the percentages are much lower.

Serving style por Ramon2002.

About the show certainly say that tango is the traditional dance in the city, say the dance itself that identifies the Argentines. Much of this dance is at the heart of the oldest new generations, although a more diffuse light, but not massively danced by younger, you can still see many of these in local presentations.

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