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Venice is the capital of the region of Veneto. The city of Venice is situated on a series of 118 islands and are fed by the vast amounts of water from a lagoon and various rivers, leading down to the open seas. One of the feeds of water comes from the mouths of 2 rivers, Piave and Po in nothwest Italy.
The end of the year 1999 the plans were made to renovate and clean the outer of the city, mainly drawn up by the powerful families of the area. The renovation was centered to the nucleus of San Marcus and was extended to the outer edges of this area. The remoldeling of facades of historic properties and places of interest to visitors have now been under way for some time.
Vencie is constructed in an archipelago islands and connected with around 400 bridges. The bridges connect the streets to one another, so access around the city is not made difficult. Most of these bridges are painted and carved with the most beautiful carvings. the bridge of the Acadamy and the bridge of the barefoot are two of the most splendid and on a trip to Vencie must be seen. Transistion on the water chanels are of great interest, you can see the history of the city as well as some of the most fabulous houses in the area. The balconies of some of the houses over hanging the chanels with the array of colour from flowers in window boxes against the colours of the houses and their decoration of architecture carved around the windows and doors.

Venice is without a doubt a historical city, the art and culture and the historic buildings are some of the best in Europe. The wealth of the churches has helped to construct and renovate some of the most beautiful properties. The wealthy politicians and retailers have also got together to help in making Venice a beautiful place to be.

In the region of Veneto it is a good place to see the theatres and their productions, some being the most famous in the world. Sand Verona is a mystical theatre where opera is second to none. Fenice is one of the most important opera houses in the world, the theme is roman throughout. The summer season is the best time to visit here as it is an open air theatre.
Venice is an idea place to visit exhibitions of art and mongrapic design. the ducal Palace, the Grassi Palace, the Querini-Stampalia, the Peggy Guggenheim and the Cini foundation are all places of interest and the directions and schedules can be found at any tourist offices throughout Venice.
The most important exhibition in Venice is the Biennale of Venice and the contemporary architecture and quality of its arts are internationally known. The public gardens of Giaardini are open every 2 years for visitors and have some of the most beautiful flowers and trees in Europe.
Without a doubt Venice is a trip that you will never forget, there are so many places to visit and so many things to see, churches, palaces, buildings of architectural splender, art galleries with paintings and galleries of authentic cultural jewels.

There are many palaces in Venice, not only in the heart of the city. the San Marcos is the most famous, Palace ducal, Ca Pesaro, Vendramin Palace but to name a few. Most of the palaces are still in the condition and furnished as they were in their glory days. The churches with all their authentic colours and architecture can be see high over looking the city. some of the most beautiful paintings are kept in the churches. Basilica of Santa Maria, Basilica of San Marcos, the church of the Madona are to name but a few worth looking at.

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