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Barco de Iquitos a Yurimaguas por jorge.delprado.

Capital city of the Alto Amazonas Province, belonging to the Loreto region, known as “La Perla del Huallaga,” city of great natural attractions. The name comes from the integration Yurimaguas two Amazonian ethnic groups, the Yuris and Omaguas. The city was growing due to internal migration of La Rioja tarapotinos, Islamists and Chachapoyanos in the province of Alto Amazonas 243 are located indigenous communities belonging to 11 ethnic groups and culturally rich folk and also actively involved in the care and protection of forests and environment. Communities dedicated to hunting and fishing for their subsistence. Yurimaguas is located in the high forest at 150 m tropical in Amazonian jungle tropical humid climate and abundant rainfall, has an average annual temperature of 26 º C.

Bathe its shores Shanusi rivers, Huallaga and Paranapura all waterways. You reach the city by land, departing from Lima via Highway Fernando Belaúnde Terry, passing the city of Tarapoto Trujillo is reached from where we left by car or bus Yurimaguas offering daily routes to travel is Yurimaguas two or three hours, the road is being paved and soon to be completed so the travel is relatively convenient. By air, from Lima to Tarapoto and then by service aircraft as scheduled flights are scarce, so it is more practical to do by land. Yurimaguas is the access point to the town of Lakes waterway, where it enters the Pacaya – Samiria and also the route required to reach Iquitos. The rivers are the main link between the surrounding towns for which they used small boats draft, driven by outboard motors.

Yurimaguas Sightseeing:
Yurimaguas has many tourist attractions, among which we can name the Church of Our Lady of the Snows Gothic style building. The Pacaya-Samiria largest natural area in Peru that has abundant flora and fauna, the trip to the reserve is hard but worth it so fascinating and wonderful nature. Cumpanamá Stone, colossal stone engravings has not yet been deciphered, is located in the community of Shayahuitas, near the city. Visit the communities of different ethnic groups living in the vicinity and who maintain their ancestral customs.

Another attraction is the festival of the Virgen de las Nieves, patron saint of the city, held from 5 until 15 August, we perform a Tourism Week with various activities and great waste of fireworks, music and dances. There are many lakes and ponds that nature lovers can visit, among which Sanango Lake, Cuypari, Yanayacu Basin Paranapura Mamanchicocha, Achual Tipishca, among others. Yurimaguas has many hotels and accommodations for guest comfort and restaurants where you can taste different dishes of the area.

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