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Tourism in Juanjui
Juanjui jungle city, belonging to the Mariscal Cáceres province of San Martín region in Peru, simple and friendly people, mainly agricultural area where the archaeological remains of the Great Pajaten culture, founded on September 24, 1827 by Spanish captain José Gaspar Lopez Salcedo. Juanjui Islamists was formed by immigrants and later by people from Cajamarca, Chachapoyas, Moyabamba and Rioja. This city is hot and humid weather with temperatures between 23 and 36 º C with mean annual temperature is 30 º C and abundant rainfall between the months of January through March. The area has great potential for tourism, thanks to the beauty of its geography and location of the Gran Pajaten. Juanjui is connected to the rest of the country by land by road Fernando Belaunde Terry, former marginal, can be reached from Tarapoto, which is the closest access in cars or buses, inter-service, currently is completing the paving of the road leads to the city. Juanjui has adequate infrastructure in hotels, inns and restaurants at affordable prices, you can taste the typical foods of the region prepared from wild animals peculiar to this area.

Juanjui tourist attractions:

Juanjui presented as attractive tourist places like:

The Abiseo River National Park, created in 1983 and declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1990, area devoted to conservation of flora and fauna. The forests are characterized by the abundance of orchids and bromeliads plants typical of the high forest or jungle, ferns and many medicinal plants including cat’s claw and sangre de grado. The fauna is very diverse both in mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. Note the existence in the park for more than thirty archaeological sites of pre-Columbian times.

The archaeological ruins of Gran Pajaten, attributed to the Chachapoyas culture consisting of roads, agricultural terraces domestic and ceremonial structures, testimony to the presence of Pre-Inca man overcoming the hardships of the forest is settled here.

Cataract The Breo, located 80 km from Juanjui, the nearest road is made on the waterway Juanjui port on a journey of approximately 3 hours, throughout the tour will appreciate the vast natural beauty of the jungle.

There are other tourist attractions such as petroglyphs and Cuchihuillo Panguana slide and waterfalls and the Veil of the Bride, among others. Like Amazon all the main party in Juanjui is the feast of St. John held on 24 June.

Then there is the feast in honor of Our Lady of Mercy, patron saint of the city, which takes place between 16 and 24 September for the celebration among the different activities we can highlight is the competition of motocross with the participation of local and national athletes.

For the natural beauty of its geography, Juanjui is an ideal place to visit!

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