Tourist Travel to Mexico

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The beaches to Mexico

The Federal Republic of Mexico is at the North American continent, south, bounded on the north America, south to Belize and Guatemala to the east by the Gulf of Mexico and west by the Pacific Ocean, the capital Mexico is the town of that name, has a large population density and a rich heritage left by the Aztec and Mayan cultures, which remains true today are testimony to his greatness. Mexico’s topography is marked by two mountain ranges, the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental, which determine the diversity and beauty of nature. Its terrain is marked by a great number of mountains, plains and plateaus. Mexico’s climate is diverse and is due to the presence of the mountains and to the ocean, topography and latitude is decisive in this diversity of climates, from the warmest with an average annual temperature higher than 26 º C and cold climates where annual average is less than 10 º C. Ecological conditions very different, unique in the world where there is a wealth of flora and fauna, possessor of a large mainland, the second after Canada.

Transport in Mexico: The road network in Mexico, announced almost all regions and communities in the country, like the rail network if communication between major cities and ports of the country. With regard to air transport, have 53 international airports with regular flights communicate with the world’s major cities, being the largest passenger flow at airports in Mexico City, Cancun. Guadalajara, Monterrey and Tijuana. Maritime transport in Mexico is fluid in terms of cargo and passengers, the cruise ships arrive to the Gulf with tourists from different nationalities, the most active ports of Isla Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Playa del Carmen.

Tourist Travel to Mexico

Mexico as a tourist destination in the Americas!

In his tour, Mexico should be one of their destinations, since it has the best natural and cultural settings where you can practice various activities such as the thrill and adrenaline of adventure tourism, ecotourism, beautiful beaches, sunshine, playing sports like diving, extreme sports, kayaking, sport fishing, surfing and other outdoor activities. In terms of their culture Mexico offers a rich history, the proof is the archaeological remains of pre-Hispanic culture, historic architecture of the colonial era, modern architecture, crafts, their customs and festivals, museums and Of course its rich and varied cuisine, beyond the joy and warmth of its people. Mexico has demarcated six tourism regions: the northern, central, and southern Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula and the Pacific coast of Baja California Peninsula, all with their particular tourist attractions. They are among its main tourist attractions the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Cancun, Toluca, the beaches of Acapulco in Mexico City, with all the necessary tourist services for visitors, from international airports, bus platform, services travel agencies, taxi services. In all major tourist destinations, there are tourist information modules, representations of embassies and consulates. A trip to any destination in Mexico, will be an unforgettable experience.

Mexico should be one of their destinations

Here are a few of the known tourist icons in Mexico:

Mexico City
Metropolitan Museum
Chichen Itza Yucatan
Playa de Acapulco
Puerto Vallarta

City of the Gods por phorerunner.

Without doubt Mexico will be an unforgettable experience!

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