Tourism in the Espíritu Santo to Brazil

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Espíritu Santo , is one of the most visited by tourists from around the world, its geographic diversity with the settings of its beaches, the interior with its historical samples, cuisine and everything else… makes it so special!

Activities at Espíritu Santo


From the viewing platform of the convent can be seen, protruding from between the low houses of Vila Velha, the yellow mass of Garoto chocolate factory. The sweet tooth may already be aware, but for others it is probably a surprise to find there with the headquarters of Brazil’s most famous chocolates (to continue compiling superlatives). In addition to taking photos and shopping in the business of the factory, you can witness the manufacturing of products of this emporium, which started very modestly, when German immigrant Heinrich Meyerfreund ran for homemade sweets in 1929.

Ports in Vitória:

The other symbol is Vitória industrial ports of Tubarão and Vitória, they receive minerals from Minas Gerais for export. Vitória is why one of the largest port complex in the South Atlantic, and from the Ilha do Boi can see also the large cargo ships while going to and coming from the port complex. The fishermen also know Vitória waters because they are rich in fish and have a great diversity of species, but also because here two world records were achieved: hence came a blue marlin of 636 kilos in 1992, and more white marlin largest of its kind (82 kilos in 1979).

Isla Espiritu Santo - Dere Sea Kayaking by

Parks in Vitória:

Another attraction of Vitória is its proximity to the mountain. In just two hours passed from the beaches of tropical atmosphere to an area of about 1500 meters high, with much cooler temperatures throughout the year.

The Pedra Azul Park, this area is a real surprise in these latitudes. It looks like a transplanted Alpine region and cultivated with coffee, bananas and other tropical plants. The small towns of Domingos Martins and Venda Nova do Imigrante are so neat and cared for as in Switzerland and Austria. It is no coincidence, since the region was settled primarily by Europeans Alpine Swiss, Italians, Austrians and Germans.

Pedra Azul by Team X-Tudo.

Many of these families, who were farmers for a couple of generations, are now a farmhouse circuit along a route that meanders at the foot of the imposing mass of the Pedra Azul. The mountain is 1882 meters and is a rarity geographic, like a piece of moon, mineral, monolithic, fallen amid lush green valleys of the region, where it is grown all through the mercy of weather and abundant rainfall.

The park was created in the 90′s and has about 10,000 hectares. In addition to preserving the beautiful environment and neighboring Pedra Azul Pedra das Flores (1909 meters), protects local wildlife. This area enjoys a humid microclimate that favors a rich biodiversity (armadillos, ocelots, anteaters, jaguars, monkeys, toucans, thrushes). The park is also a sanctuary of orchids. To learn more about these flowers is to visit the orchid from Marechal Floriano, one of the towns of Rota do Lagarto, the leading tourist guide to discover the agro-tourism ventures in the region. Florabela “and called the venture” is one of the largest crop of orchids and is open all day from 9 to 17.

In other stops on this route can be riding horses Fjord, originating in the mountains of Norway. These robust and secure copies are perfectly adapted to the Brazilian mountains, though they seem exotic in the midst of coffee plantations, sugar cane and avocado trees.

In other stages you can have lunch at a farm Ticino, 1901, try your luck at a fish and pay, where pacúes get more than 15 k, visit plantations of fruit and sausage factories. Thousands of details that are not as exotic as beaches such as those usually sought in Brazil, but show a different reality and little known of the great neighboring country, and so far very little frequented by tourists from Argentina, although the target of the authorities the state of Espirito Santo is becoming a familiar tourist destination that combines both fields, beaches and mountains, all at once and in one day if you want it.

Guarapari Spa:

Some 55 miles south of Vitória, Guarapari Spa is renowned in Brazil for their black sand beaches, which have beneficial effects on health. They are sand and radioactive medicinal properties: stepping on them helps to treat gout, rheumatism and arthritis. Besides the sand, the city is known for its diving sites and an estuary where you can hike schooner (a large barge) to find a mangrove swamp. At the entrance of the estuary, a statue of St. Peter, who once turned on its platform, welcomes the fishing boats entering and leaving the port.

Praia do balneário de Guaraparí- Espírito Santo- Brasil by dinaxme71.


The dish par excellence is capixaba moqueca, fish casserole is prepared in a more Mediterranean and Italian Portuguese without common ingredients in Brazilian cuisine, such as coconut milk. This recipe is due to Italian immigrants. It is the most requested dish by tourists and visitors, and more offered in the restaurants of the city. Cooking is almost always bar panel, a sort of large deep dish crafted by the “paneleiros.”
You can visit a distillery of cachaça in Vila Velha, which markets the brand manager Reserva do in the town of Ponta da Fruta. In addition to visiting the winery can make a cachaça tasting and locally produced spirits.

Tourism in the Espíritu Santo to Brazil

Bon voyage!

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