Toronto – Canada: The Other American Dream

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Toronto Old Chinatown

Proud of its immigrants with green spirit and good living, the great Canadian city boasts of its modernity and welcomes visitors with proposals to enjoy with or without cold. Toronto is a city that takes pride in its green spirit, culture and respect for diversity. To understand what it is about integration and tolerance enough to see the street festival of some minority community, which is accompanied by the other, or begin the tour of Kensington, a neighborhood that was first English, then Jewish, Portuguese and later the Caribbean, and today brings together dozens of nationalities, and being with the oldest of the three Chinatowns in the city. Not far away lie Little Italy and Little India.

Toronto has defied the statistics indicate that, on average, Canadians spend more than 80 percent of leisure within the home. It was basically a force of miles of tunnels and a new fashion: the terraces in bars and restaurants.

Spadina Avenue, Toronto's Downtown Chinatown by salvi08.

The underground city crowds protects the snow, in a circuit that extends 25 kilometers below the skyscrapers. It’s like a big mall, with glass ceilings in many sectors, to feel closure. Thousands of citizens in Toronto are going well, from home to work, unaware of the cold. You can enter almost any building in the financial area, you just have to follow the signs that say Path.

In transportation, there are only four subway lines, a rarity for a city as big as modern and the largest in the country. But combined with the network of trains and buses, much broader.

Dundas Square, the heart of commercial and financial center:

With cold but without snow, people walk the streets with plastic cups full of coffee. In the center, at least one local block in the way they are sold to hot tea, with franchises like Starbucks or Tim Hortons, local flag.

The Yonge Street had been registered in the Guinness as the longest street in the world until it changed its hierarchy (independence from Highway 11) and its place in the book was taken by the Pan American Highway, from Ushuaia to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska . But not longer be the most important of the city. Crossing the financial area, there are modern Eaton Center shopping, theaters and the Hall of Fame Hockey, among other symbols.

Toronto - Canada: The Other American Dream

When you leave the avenues can easily find Victorian houses, parks full of squirrels and total silence. Also short skirts and shorts just looks out the sun, although the temperature does not exceed 10 degrees.

Patios and terraces predominate in Queen Street, one of the pins of the city streets: from City Hall to the west you can visit from TV channels have their studio open to the street, are similar to local discs, clothes and used books, from the fashionable shops, old pubs, art galleries and alleys with graffiti.

King Street, in downtown, is one of the main ways of entertainment district. All around there are a variety of pubs and discos are open all week, in some cases. It’s a matter of sifting through the alleys (no problem, is one of the safest cities in the world) and pay attention to the metal doors with a pair of security men, without public waiting outside, unless spring to fall.

Towards the opposite side of the business area is the St. Lawrence market, with 200 years of history, surrounded by buildings recycled red brick, and inside fruit, caviar and slices of deer, plus the greater specialization: the peameal bacon sandwich, with eight slices of bacon fat. The classic place for this dish is light weight Carousel Bakery.

Carousel Bakery by .michael.newman..

A little further east is another area ideal for a sunny afternoon, the Distillery District. It is an area founded in 1832, with 44 buildings that were part of a large brewery and are now mostly restaurants, galleries and boutiques, a variety of traditional, like chocolate, beer and coffee. The area can be explored on foot or Segway, which is a two-wheeled vehicle, with engine, braking or accelerating as the rocking of the body. It’s a nice way, but also the easiest way of being identified as a tourist.

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