Toronto – Canada: The Other American Dream – Part II

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Broadview and Danforth by Smedlipotski.

Following the post we present here to view attractions in Toronto …

City Attractions:
For the variety of buildings, Toronto is often a great location for the American cinema. That’s why they call Hollywood North. Broadview streets like Queens or may appear to those in New York of the 30s.

Casa Loma is a strange castle with 98 rooms, corridors and gardens, with audio tours in eight languages, including Spanish, to learn the history of a name ready to do anything to get a peerage. Sir Henry Pellatt had laid the foundation stone on the right side, on the northeast corner, a cabal in the construction of castles. Did not work. Luck stayed away from this man, who came to have 59 phones at home, but ended up sharing with his driver a small room in a garage.

CN Tower, symbol of the city:

It is a unique tower, with or without record, with its 553 meters, is twice the Eiffel Tower, the CN Tower is a symbol of the city. Although now lost their record tallest building in the world with the opening of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, its virtues are not altered. It is up to the lookout safety pin in an elevator that takes 61 seconds, 22 kilometers per hour. And if possible, eat in their revolving restaurant, which completes the turn in 72 minutes, slow enough to enjoy the food, but not abuse the good wines. The winery maintains its record as the highest in the world. Food costs about $ 150 for two people. The best souvenir is the photo on the glass floors that allow street view.

Toronto ~ 5:09 a.m. by ~EvidencE~.

Niagara Falls:

One enjoys the Niagara Falls, the most important pass on the outskirts of Toronto, just for a while after comparing with the fall, which are certainly much more impressive. It is inevitable because of the fame of both emblems (one is half over Argentina), so it’s best to get rid of the issue quickly, there are 275 waterfalls at Iguazu, in the midst of incredible jungle, whereas here there are only two, with several buildings that appear in the photos.

Dig It - Niagara Falls by flipkeat.

Now, walk along a wide promenade on the street, with a jump of 54 meters, at least, striking. Especially if the freezing cold of the plants and water, and strange figures are even ice, which can be viewed in detail touring the tunnels that bring tourists to the River.

But that’s not the only good thing to visit them in winter. Prices drop significantly, will get double rooms in the area for $ 40, and overlooking the falls from 150. Four families of Italian origin are the owners of most establishments, approximately 200 in all, home to 11 million visitors a year.

At night there are fireworks and the falls are in color; even tourists can modify them, and were proposed to combine lights, leave the lighting to their taste for a few minutes, so get a certificate.

Eating in the Elements on the Falls restaurant overlooking the falls, join the Niagara’s Fury if you have kids-new, animated and water falling on the audience, in a room of 360 °; enter the tunnel to see the main jump a few feet, and walk along the waterfront are the most attractive place. There are packs of four activities for $ 40.

Niagara Falls RBY by maspiazu.

Cataracts can also be seen on the U.S. side: a large bridge connecting this point to both countries. Comes from the neighboring country most visitors, while 60 percent overall, fell to 35, by the crisis and because they now need a passport.

Bon Voyage!

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