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The cost of a trip depends on the traveler. Certainly there are cheaper destinations and we put it more easy time to reduce our budget and others for organizing a trip on our own and get away from the ‘tourist price’ is more complicated. Now if you want to travel and do not have a high budget, it may not always have to resort to tactics of ‘backpacker’ end.

Trip depends on the traveler

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If we take into account some key details and reduce slightly our needs and comfort level, we open many country roads and discover.

Tips to save on your trip:

- Try not to eat at airports. Prices are always abusive and the quality leaves much to be desired, so if it is not necessary, eat before going to the airport or wait until you get to the city.

Travelling by train:

- Avoid purchasing and eating in areas identified as ‘tourist’. The bill may double the price you would pay at a local a few streets away from the center.

- Whenever possible, travel at night, and will save you the property that day. Many trains operate routes in relatively comfortable sleeping cars, and even some bus companies have vehicles are well prepared to sleep with much comfort. In the U.S., some countries in Central or South America such services are a little more expensive than the standard, but cheaper than if you add it to what you would spend the night in a hotel. The downside is that you will not see the landscape during the trip.

- Limits on cash withdrawals. Note that when you take from an ATM in another country you usually pay a flat fee plus a commission on the amount you have drawn. Get organized so you can get money for a couple of weeks, so you can better control your spending. Moreover, in some countries, going to get a cashier is a plus in the risk of having a mishap and you dock, it is better if you reduce the possibilities.

The landscape during the trip

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- Find out periodically in the price of the currency, will be useful to avoid falling into scams to make foreign exchange commissions or suffer abuse. When you change money or make withdrawals at the bank calculates the days you will be in this country and your approximate daily expenditure, if your game has too much money, you will have to pay exchange fees.

- While haggling can be a tedious, in many countries as part of their culture and you have to participate in it. In addition, the price offered in a first communication can be double or triple the real, even if it seems little if you change your currency, obtain fair prices is vital if you decided to travel to this country precisely because it does not cost you a lot of the day day.

Tips to travel

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- For travelers interested in meeting other people during his travels, initiatives such as Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club allow you to stay for free thanks to the hospitality of your host, and you’ll have the opportunity to discover a country through its people, certainly give you a few helpful hints!

- 4 people is the magic number for cheaper travel. It allows you to hire tours just for you so you have the option to decide the itinerary and activities, also provides the option of renting a car at a lower cost per person or hire a boat ride with the locals. If you can not bring four people to travel with a companion also lowers costs, and is usually always cheaper to book a room is a single use.

- If you can stay in a hostel right to use the kitchen or choose to visit a country in a caravan, you can control expenditure on food and combine your forays into the local cuisine with some prepared foods for yourself with items purchased in supermarkets is a good way to save! Or even, cut spending and then maybe a restaurant can afford better.

- When looking for accommodation, find out before reaching the destination in an Internet phone or through the area where you would like to stay, where are the cheapest hotels and even make the reservation before you arrive, and not fall into the hands hunters of tourists waiting at stations and airports collect commissions from the hotels to take them customers, so you end up paying more for your room. It is true that it is also compared in situ, especially in places where there are different options for accommodation in the same area so we can visit the rooms and facilities of accommodation, in this case, avoid dragging by the sensors let tourists and show yourself strong saying that you already have a reservation, by going to public transport or official taxis that take you to the city.

Tips to save on travel

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- Although we said that these tricks do not become involved in “extreme backpacker, if you are making a long trip and visits countries that are prepared for camping, it never hurts to take a tent lighter and even cheaper, so if you lose or you got to stop somewhere, does not feel it. Although the store is optional, bring a sleeping bag fabric (one warm if you travel to a cold country) is always a safe bet for both hostels and for long journeys.
- And above all, avoid impulse purchases. When visiting a country, everything seems new and very tempting, but once back, we did not find a utility or a good place for our shops and most of these souvenirs have just stored in boxes.

Here are some general tips that can help us reduce our budget when traveling, but there are specific recommendations depending on the destination or type of travel.

Do you know other tricks to save?

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