Tips for visiting Morocco for the first time

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Morocco is a country highly attractive and rich in culture, trade and also in natural sites to which we turn to when under pressure or simply when we want to find a new destination where fun. Thus the African country with coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea is separated from European continent by the Strait of Gibraltar, with the neighboring countries of Algeria, Western Sahara and Spain, where with the latter perhaps with who makes as much business.

Tips for visiting Morocco for the first time

Photography by Peter Shanks

With a Mediterranean climate and a distribution that generally could be described as winter has temperatures in January and reach 12 ° C or 13 ° C, although in July and things change very pleasant and we find 25 ° C, which greatly facilitates any kind of adventure we undertake to find the mysterious and entertainment complex in Morocco.

We know that the language spoken in Morocco is classical Arabic, but you can also find people who speak the language well enough French and Spanish, which is mainly due to that during the history of the development of Morocco, was controlled both in France and by Spain, which finally ended on March 2, 1956, so from that point and Morocco has established itself as a fully independent country.

Starting then our trip to Morocco, we first of all with excellent cuisine, and many dishes include extremely varied ingredients including worth noting species, legumes, fresh and dried fruits, meat, fish, seafood and a set of sum techniques that may allow us to enjoy the best dishes in the world, all these recipes prepared with fresh ingredients and care fully guarded. Some of the typical dishes of the area are known as “harira” and also “tagines”, among which we highlight as a whole made stews sidewalk containers, vegetables and fish simmered specially made with olive oil and various seasonings, to name some of the key.

visiting Morocco

Photography by La Tangerina

When it comes time to drink, we recommend testing the good red and white wines at the disposal of Morocco, and also also presented as an interesting alternative smoke juice, all made with fresh fruit. It is worth noting that if the tourists want to drink water, it must be bottled in order to avoid problems, so having made this clarification, we immediately have to begin the adventure of traveling to Morocco.
Undoubtedly there are many places you can visit in Morocco, but could highlight at least three of the many interesting destinations worth the trip to this beautiful country, namely: Tangier, Fez and Meknes.

Tangier is a city located one hour from Madrid, so it has been presented as a perfect location that allows boot of Spanish tourists and obviously bored with the daily routine that locks in the same place and at the same work. According to legend, Tangier was founded by Antaeus (Atlas), who was killed by Hercules and found his grave on a hill known as “Hill Charf. There is also this area is one that kept the beautiful gardens of the Hesperides, precisely those who had the virtue of producing a fruit of gold, so just starting the explanation of this beautiful region, we are with the myth and the legend of yore.

Photography by Peter Shanks

Despite having long been abandoned, the current policies have allowed to be updated so as to open the traditional and modern world, which is why many people have set a summer residence here, in addition to the facility the Spanish language is present in many places and also French. Barely 30 and five minutes by boat from the narrow and one hour by plane from Madrid, we can find a ride to this town at prices quite interesting if we plan ahead of time adventure.
Certainly there are some people who does not end up liking Tangier, yet it is always advisable to stay at least one night to experience living in the town and enjoy the customs, foods and also with the celebrations that take place, for surely we will end up charming and making the clash of emotions we live when we arrived and we find the mix of Arabic culture and modern.

The beaches are one of the strengths of Tangier, is how many tourists have the opportunity to visit the Bay called Tangier. There will be two destinations that are close to this bay, namely the Cape and Cape Malabata Espartel, so if we will want to visit Espartel surrounded by vegetation and some buildings facing a white sandy beach of the Atlantic. In this odyssey, they should be advised to opt for tourists visiting the beaches of Briex, to avoid getting spooked by the strong currents found there, as if struggling to emerge from the sea after feeling as currents carry it offshore , then end up tired and run the risk of an accident at sea, so you just have to let go and let the waves of the beach itself leaves us again on the coast.

Walking through these places, get to Asilah, a town that is very necessary to visit as it has a wonderful beach and also an incredible artistic vocation, which is why the month of August there are many exhibitions and concerts for all who are here, severe outside every day Sunday morning a number of donkeys, emblematic animal Morocco serve as a means of transport in many localities.


Photography by Peter Shanks

Finally, for example you can visit the Ramadan, where they learn misfortunes extraordinary night, so we can see the Caves of Hercules, the communal baths or Hammam, the Forbes Museum, the Palace Mendoub, among many other things.

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