Tips for visiting Copenhagen Tivoli

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Tivoli is the oldest amusement park in the world, and we can find in the heart of Copenhagen, occupying a large block of the district of Vesterbro. Remains virtually the same as when it opened, back in 1843. Of course we have been incorporating modern attractions and more sophisticated over the years, but the original spirit remains intact.

Copenhagen Tivoli

Photography by La Citta Vita

The park is a small wonder, to transfer the access door is moved to another time, its palaces, gardens, lighting are very different to what we are accustomed … attractions are not as modern as those of existing parks, but that is why help build a very particular, which makes up for this “defect.”

Visiting the evening is a delight, illumination of all the streets are very neat and the atmosphere which is special. It is a park that continues to enjoy much popularity among the Danes, both large and small, public and is crowded at almost any time, especially in summer.

Tips for visiting Copenhagen Tivoli

Photography by La Citta Vita

If you visit Copenhagen you must not let pass by the Tivoli. Although children do not go with you or not call much attention to the parks, stroll along the streets / scenery is very rewarding, and one of the most beautiful pictures you have earned a visit to the capital of Denmark. There are also many restoration jobs, from tavern to a restaurant located inside of a pirate ship, as fresh from the novel Peter Pan is also possible that when we visit the Tivoli we encounter a musical concert in one of its parks to outdoors, and two nights a week you can enjoy fireworks.

Tickets and prices:

Admission is about 9 euros per person, but does not include passes to attractions. To these we have to pay any other bond, in a shed that will find the effect inside the park. There are several types of tickets that work for credit. Each attraction costs a fixed number of them, so the cheapest ticket (about 10 euros) will give us the right to 2 passes to attractions easier. If we want a day pass to all attractions, we will be preparing some 60 euros per person (free ride ticket).


We have to be loaded with patience because there is usually crowded and the queues to enter the attractions are great, at least in holiday dates. If you have experience in visiting amusement parks, then we know what to do. We should not stand in line for up to an attraction if you do not have tickets, and we will undo all the way from the queue and this is something that irritates the Danes in particular (to the tail is not a pleasant experience for many) are then the Germans who have a reputation for tough and little patience …

On the other hand, if we plan to dine at the Tivoli, we should not later than 20pm, and that after 21h all kitchen closed and only cold dishes (typical smørrebrød). Given that the amusement park closed on the one o’clock in summer, it remains incomprehensible that restaurants close not later than nine o’clock at night, at least, it is shocking to our Latino culture. Also, is that even close many posts of goodies, waffles, etc.. Therefore, perhaps the best time to go is 18h, and so we can enjoy some rides, dinner and a leisurely stroll around the complex without the stomach to complain to us.

Copenhagen to visit the Tivoli

Photography by Sarah_Ackerman

The Tivoli exists by and for the Danes. This is an attraction that continues to enjoy great popularity and the affection of the Scandinavian!

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