Theme Hotels – Part I

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Theme Hotels

The themed hotels could be defined as an excellent idea born in the era of globalization and in response to intense competition in tourism. In search of something new, something different, we found a value that can be very well used by his predecessors, even within the wide range of bids offered by the market. As its name suggests, themed hotels offer the visitor, a special ambiance, amenities, decor, facilities and activities in accordance with a specific topic. From the walls and objects in the room to the attention of the concierge, all leads to: business, art, music, design, ecology, sports and gastronomy.

If there are people who collect stamps, cars, movies, or music posters, why not have a hotel with all our favorite elements? Someone searching for a different stay, if someone wants to be surrounded by his favorite topic, this is the perfect opportunity.

Hotels near the parks

If she awakened curiosity to know if there is a hotel that may go well with your tastes, then you can dive in search of their next stay.

Hotel Capsule: back in the late ’70s, Kisho Kurokawa, an advanced Japanese architect, founder of the Metabolism, created the first capsule hotel in Osaka. It is an invention that can be very useful in highly populated sites, uses the space as a unique way: the room is a kind of plastic modulus of about 2 meters long and 1 high, containing a bed , television, lighting control, telephone and Wireless. The rooms are located next to each other and one above the other. The luggage is usually left on the counter input and the bathrooms and showers are shared. One of the main benefits of this type of hotel, apart from providing basic services such as restaurant, pool and entertainment, is the low cost of the stay. The capsule hotel has proliferated in recent times, because it is widely used by people who make short trips and especially in densely populated places like Tokyo.

Hotel Types

Pop Art Hotel: especially located in the city of New York, right where pop music was born years ago is Gershwin: A Hotel entirely devoted to pop art, with works by Andy Warhol, his friend and collaborator Billy Name and Artist Japanese Michael Lin, among others. Rooms range from Essential to the Suite, providing basic services such as digital TV, Wi-fi, air conditioning, multilingual staff, and babysitting. The hotel is located near the best venues such as New York’s Fifth Avenue, Madison Square, countless nightclubs, ABC, Empire State and others. Is Our motto is to keep alive the art, so who cares to submit interesting artists each year. It also offers special events such as nights of jazz, rock, poetry and all that could be considered an artistic expression.

Good luck!

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