The Yungas: The road between the forest

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Trekking en las Yungas por Ariel Belmonte.

The Yungas is a mountainous jungle cord that runs from the Puna of Bolivia dividing Chaco forests through seven hundred miles of subtropical forest to disappear gradually in Catamarca and make it clear that not only in the Misiones province of greenery can be found tropics. In the northwest there are also jungles. It is certainly a busy place for tourists, who each year comes to this place.

The waterfall The Lobitos:

In this area the National Parks The King and Baritú Calilegua shown as an example of preservation of a fragile biosphere as rich as, and in turn set the tone of how progress in technological and economic terms, can threaten the very essence the coexistence of man with nature.

El Rey National Park is located about 190 kilometers from Salta, Jujuy on the edge, and to get there is to deal with about 45 kilometers from a complicated way. Once inside, you can enjoy the immense variety of greens, increasingly intense when it is gaining altitude. In turn, is an ideal place for contact, always from a respectful distance, with wildlife, abundant and varied.

Trekking a las Yungas por Ariel Belmonte.

Road to the lagoon The Lobitos, a paradise, one can spot mountain goats, turkeys and mountain tapirs. In the river Popayan, parrots are mixed with blackberries herons schools of shad while swimming in a deep green. To the west, and while the Yungas are present in height, an increasingly thick jungle can discover wildlife such as toucans, monkeys and peccaries fell.

Another of the riches of “The King” is her story, along with the characters and the intense relationship between its people and this land. “The King” became a national park in 1948. Until then, more than 40,000 acres that comprise part of a farm dedicated to cattle raising. The stay was acquired in the mid-twentieth century by a group of businessmen linked to timber interests and forests began to be threatened.

Legend of King:

Undoubtedly, one of the most catching is the Alzogaray family. Legend has it that William, a bold pawn, managed for many years to avenge the death of his favorite dog, a victim of the instinct of a jaguar. Armed with just a tie, this man took courage, ended with the animal and won the nickname “tigrero” famous hunter and shepherd’s stay King.

From this man’s name was inextricably linked to Alzogaray these lands. Hippolytus, his nephew, became head of the Ranger Corps of the King and served in that environment as well as their children, Angel and Alvaro. Currently, you can still talk with Severus, Constantine and Eusebius Alzogaray, descendants of the brave pawn and maintaining a deep relationship with the land of their birth. They are members of a family that defined the development of this amazing place and active members of the moves from the traditional farm Salta to the first national park in the Andean jungle.

Tourism, a double-edged sword. The development of tourism within King is undoubtedly the strongest bet this place in recent years. To enter, visitors must travel 45 kilometers of gravel road and pass battered by streams during the wet season, are a threat to the vehicles to the point of being isolated many acres. For this reason, an agreement between the National Parks Administration with National and Provincial Roads facilitated the beginning of a series of works which provide, in addition to the settlement of the road, the construction of several bridges that will overcome the force of the flows.

Development of the area:

Another measure, is the development of infrastructure within the park. By the end of next year, is estimated to be finished building more houses for park rangers, a campsite, a scientific research center and a station reports that make it easier to guide for visitors.

Consulted by the potential impact that the arrival of mass tourism can have on the fauna and flora, Dombe speaks of an “awareness”. This will result in a bulletin board display, environmental education plans and, above all, the idea to combine a range of recreational activities based on the impact that might cause it tourists about the place.

The inn King:

Within the tourism development of the King, surely play a major role the stunning inn located in one of the highest points of the old farm. The building, colonial style, it was built in 1957 and was opened seven years later, under President Arturo Illia. Ceased operation in 1982 and is now looking to launch a bid to allow refurbishment, whilst abiding by the styles and traditions of a place that, by history and environment, deserves special care.

Las Yungas (45) por petutanka.

The King is a place worth visiting, travel and enjoyed. Of the authorities who administer it, as well as the conscience of those who choose to visit depends conservation and crush a wonderful environment once the doors open.

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