The winter resort of Monterosa: Italy and Switzerland

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Volando sugli ovetti! por Beppe 1977.

Monte Rosa is a mountain located between the Italian regions of Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and the canton of Valais, Switzerland. That is a massive land shared between Italy and Switzerland. Being considered the second largest mountain group in the Alps, and the highest in Switzerland, therefore it is also a place renowned for skiing, especially in the winter resort of Monterosa.

Contrary to popular voices tell the official story says the name “Monte Rosa” is not related to the solid color but with the word “rose”, which in French means “glacier.” According to this, the place is translatable to the expression: “Mount of glacier.” Become a mighty glacier, in part, on a ski resort to attending every season thousands of tourists from around the world.

There are two most important cities, with their respective stations, which make up the great circuit of snow: Ayas-Champoluc and Gressoney – La Trinité. The first, also, is the chief town of Val d Ayas, and the second is the nerve center of the main area of Monterosa Ski. Has its own ski slopes and great prestige.

Champoluc - Valle d'Aosta - Italy por fede0253.

The Monterosa Ski Center, with its two stations, provides various services and amenities. Among them, the “Sky Pass” obtained feasible so online or already arrived at the station. It also has a list of passes for different activities, has a mini club for children, and offers skiers being photographed or recorded with video cameras.

Ayas – Champoluc has modern facilities, a great attraction for visitors. You can get from skiing to Champoluc and Alagna and Gressoney. All areas have sliding snow, spread by a modern food system. Thus, the ski season stretches until spring, providing more time for development of the activity.

Val d'Ayas - Rifugio Mezzalama por ventofreddo.

Meanwhile, season-La-Trinité Gressoney stands on the foot of Monte Rosa massif. The tourists choose to travel here all year because, apart from its snow and skiing infrastructure, its people and its modern alpine resort tourism arm conjure delightful occasion for visitors.

Its ski resort, within the circuit Monterosa Ski, is spacious and modern. It has 200 kilometers of track and represents Italy in the ski races. As Champoluc, also has snowmaking systems and rest areas on foot runway. Also, from here, you can do the reverse route above, from this site towards Champoluc. Many travelers choose to stay in St. Jacques, located next to Champoluc. And from there manage to avoid the melee.

Other visitors, staying in Champoluc, also choose to go skiing Courmayier (45 minutes) and from there, enjoy a magnificent view of Mont Blanc. Or, there are tourists who enjoy the exotic Lthuille proposal: half day skiing in Italy and half a day in France, without the need to travel long miles, and only walked a few steps.

Il Crest por montecani.

For those who enjoy skiing, in each and every one of the stations are offered off-track excursions and tours in the regions that host the large areas of snow. Those not wishing to stay in mountain huts may rent cabins, hotel or apartments within the different villages.

All these benefits make the conditions and winter resort Monterosa Ski, and around, in a precious place to vacation in the winter (until spring). Similarly, the ski center has given the luxury and comfort Monte Rosa massif and its peaks (of plus four thousand meters). A mountain scenery covered with snow, which tourists enjoy, not just perfect slides, but also off-piste facilities such as accommodation, restaurants, entertainment for children, a privileged view, and the possibility of being in a single site and in two different countries simultaneously.

Have a good skiing season!

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