The Tribe of Kikapoo

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In the Municipality of Muzquiz, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico, there is an ethnic group that survives the test of time, instilling their culture, their autonomy and traditions. This is the Tribe Kikapoo at birth, is a very loving congregation cultural roots, not passing the two hundred inhabitants cigars, the language they speak is so named simply Kikapoo.
Far from what we all believe, and past stories word for word, has lost the true origin of this ethnic group that lives most people think of North American roots, but in truth, culture and root Kikapoo came from an old continent without precision, has installed on American soil since they were nomadic by nature. He went to war against ethnic groups that emigrated in different flocks and history was changed by his descendants until just remember the point of life in America after fleeing cruel. For these few Asian retake the real root.

It is said that this tribe is a warrior people came to America with the mission and care for and protect these lands, as were warriors who were fighting for years against other ethnicities, like the Apache, Comanche, and spent the time until it other Indians were not opponents, but the same Anglo-Saxon government.

Illogical for the world today is that, in Mexico, now is they have to ask government permission to carry out activities related to their ethnicity because they are sometimes treated as crimes, although it seems illogical, and it currently manages in Mexico. However, in ancient times there were no borders and ethnicity is now divided by the Rio Grande.

The tribe and ethnicity has never recognized existing borders, they have land in both Mexico and the United States, and simply are being harassed by governments to try to move with their families from one area to gold when it was not they came from a tax to that territory, but the present governments with no respect for the people who lived there imposed its law without further opinions.

Choza  por familia rodriguez pecero.

The Kikapoo on what they can continue with their traditions, an area easily accessible, most without a permit but cannot access the ethnic reserve. Since measures have been implemented as police protection features bothering villager and extortion by virtue of being an ethnic group different customs.

Kikapoo Reserve 
Few left in the tribe that has remained over the years but have suffered extortion, unjust imprisonment and physical and psychological abuse, still standing as the warriors who are defending their traditions and their origins, despite that the government is interested in this little piece of Mexico to the north.

If you were to visit Coahuila, remember to try to be forwarded to the reservation Kikapoo. Delving into a new habit and way of life, blinded by their traditions, their clothing and their reed huts and well armed with bamboo sticks and other. Delight for its traditional food and dishes based on venison. When this by those lares, just enjoy it.

El Nacimiento Reserva kikapoo por familia rodriguez pecero.

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