The ten best hotels in Mexico

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Mexico is a tourist paradise where every visitor, no matter their background, is a matter of interest to know and enjoy. And is that the diversity of geographical areas, both physical and human, which focuses on the different states of the Republic, transforming Mexico into a wonderful kaleidoscope. A micro world to venture without limit. However, imbued with the magic power of Mexican tourism, we must use the best means possible, a good hosting service is essential for this.

The ten best hotels in Mexico

The Hotel Camino Real in Mexico City:

The Camino Real Hotel is a luxurious and recommended establishment of accommodation that is located in the most exclusive area of Mexico City. Opened in 1968 and has since been recognized as one of the most sophisticated hotels in the Mexican capital. It has vast interior spaces filled with works of art.

This hotel with bars and restaurants, has a pair of magnificent swimming pools, four tennis courts and all rooms have a view attractive to tourists. The Camino Real Hotel is located in Calzada Mariano Escobedo 700, Col. Polanco.

Outskirts Hilton Hotel, in the Federal District:

Another great choice of hotel in Mexico City we have in the Outskirts Hilton Hotel. With the quality of the recognized international franchise Hilton, this center offers elegant accommodation and soundproofed rooms equipped with modern day amenities to provide comfort and welfare. Located almost like an annex to the Mexico City airport on the number 850 Colonia Penon de los Banos

Hotel Las Mañanitas in Cuernavaca and Puebla Hotel Camino Real:

For locations near the center of the country we have as an excellent alternative to Hotel in sunny Las Mananitas Cuernavaca, an exquisite manor inn with rooms and a lush environment on the other hand, in the beautiful city of Puebla is the Hotel Camino Real installed on a XV century convent. Especially the latter, it is an experience of cultural enjoyment for tourists and its rooms are filled with antiques, luxurious fabrics and art of New Spain. In addition, you can enjoy live music in the cozy bar.

Hotel Posada Jacarandas

Fotografía por Christian González Verón

Hacienda de los Santos in Alamos and Hotel Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos:

As far north of Mexico, can not overlook the delightful Hacienda de los Santos, in the town of Alamos. This is a complex structure of three colonial mansions, near the main square, where the atmosphere seems drawn from the most typical folkloric creations of Mexican writers. On the other hand, in the heavenly city of Los Cabos, we have the refined Hotel Las Ventanas al Paraiso, a modern building of Mediterranean ambience, rooms with terrace, traditional furniture and contemporary entertainment resources. Nearby there are exclusive spas, tennis courts, golf courses and yacht excursions offices.

Las ventanas en Cabo

Hotel Careyes Barra de Navidad and Villa Ganz in Guadalajara:

If what you want is to go in the colonial heart of Mexico, the Careyes Beach Resort, Barra de Navidad with its unique horseshoe-shaped building stands out for its unique coastal location. Its elegant rooms decorated in blue tiles, including all services and some of them, jacuzzi and private pool. It also has spa, polo, tennis, horseback riding and other entertainment. For its part, the typical Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco state, highlights the Villa Ganz, especially its European-designed suites and terrace gardens.

Treasury and Finance Xcanatún Temozón:

Finally, in the south of the Republic of Mexico there are two estates of beautiful architecture: La Hacienda Xcanatún north of Merida. This Hacienda suites with large terraces and elegant bathrooms, spa, pool and fine restaurant. Then, equally outstanding is the Hacienda Temozon in the north of Uxmal and offers rooms with high ceilings, exotic gardens and lavish bathrooms. Your pool and restaurant are full, highly recommended.

What hotel do you choose?

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