The Shrine of the Sun in Lake Titicaca

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At 3,800 meters above sea level in the clear blue waters of Lake Titicaca Inca gods more closely reflect, mingling with the earthly land of history and legend. Even the brightness of the sun is much cleaner and the brightness is opened through arid lands, archaeological remains of ancient civilization and the mystery of being the place where according to legend, mankind was born in Inca mythology.

Lake Titicaca

Photography by jimmyharris

Yumani Inca Steps:

La Isla del Sol, sculpted terraces, was the sanctuary of the virgins dedicated to the sun god or Inti. In it lived, prayed and even sacrificed their lives for what is considered as father of the Inca culture. The archaeological sites are concentrated mostly in the north of the island, where we can imagine the founders of the city of Cuzco, Manco Kapac and Ocllo emerging from the Rock of Origen. On the hill, the palace and the labyrinth Pilkokaina (Chinkana) offers unique views of the lake with snow-capped Andean peaks in the background, reminding us at all times to the ancient inhabitants of the island.

Currently, the Sun Island is inhabited by people of Quechua and Aymara origin, engaged in agriculture, fisheries and tourism, which arrives on the island either in day trips, to spend at least one night surrounded by Titicaca or even with the intention of being rocked a few days in its cold waters, very desirable under the scorching sun.

These waters are precisely those that sink to a depth of more than 200 meters in distance from the Sun Island of his younger sister, Isla de la Luna.

The Shrine of the Sun in Lake Titicaca

Photography by jimmyharris

Walking the Inca Trail del Sol:

The journey of the Sun Island can be done calmly in one day. The difficulty lies not in distance but in the high and the relentless sun that despite the cool breeze Andean scorch its path.

Although the entrance to the archaeological site of Challapampa paid an entry that gives us the right to access, the island is divided into zones and along the route we will find ‘collectors’ of small communities that populate the island which charge symbolic price for us, by the way, but helps to sustain these populations of the lake.

The Sun in Lake Titicaca

Photography by los Filis Casablanca

The route, raised a good ten meters above the lake, runs through the highest hills, giving us beautiful landscapes and interesting immersion in island life, watching the locals spend bundles of collection, or flocks of ewes and rams.

Bon voyage!

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